NUMECA Releases FINE/Open with OpenLabs v9.1 for CFD

NUMECA Releases FINE/Open with OpenLabs v9.1 for CFD
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BRUSSELS, Belgium, Dec 10, 2019 – NUMECA is delighted to announce the official release of FINE/Open with OpenLabs v9.1 for Multiphysics CFD.




AutoSeal (HEXPRESS/Hybrid)

HEXPRESS/Hybrid includes the new tool AutoSeal that automatically creates surfaces to close holes and gaps for any given configurations. It both repairs tolerance gaps between non-conformal parts as well as topological holes such as bolt drilling.

This automatic tool allows preparing a simulation-ready geometry in a few minutes when it usually requires weeks of engineering effort.


AutoSeal Honda cabin


“Where a skilled engineer typically needed one full week to close all the holes of the cabin space before, now this whole process was brought down to just about one hour with AutoSeal. And the robustness of the technology was definitely proven: They had a 100% success rate on 10 different vehicle models.” Mr. Akio Takamura, Chief Engineer at Honda Automotive.

Distributed parallel version of HEXPRESS/Hybrid

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HEXPRESS/Hybrid can now be launched on thousands of cores leveraging its distributed memory parallel mode with either Open or Intel MPI libraries. A 1 billion cells mesh can be generated in ~10 minutes.


922ed4f3-e2f8-4304-bed5-2cce8cf1ec86Scalability curve of the mesh generation time as a function of the number of cores


Information for combustion table generation (FINE/Open)

Specifications of the combustion table generation are now displayed in the graphical interface. The table types, and fuel and oxidizer settings used to generate the combustion table are directly available in the FINE/Open interface. This information is also stored in the table file.




For more information visit the FINE/Open with OpenLabs page or contact at

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