NUMECA Releases FINE/Open with OpenLabs v10.1 for CFD

NUMECA Releases FINE/Open with OpenLabs v10.1 for CFD
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BRUSSELS, Belgium, Nov 24, 2020 – NUMECA is delighted to announce the official release of FINE/Open with OpenLabs v10.1 for Multiphysics CFD.

Discover Fluid-Structure Interaction and further speed-up in meshing and convergence time in the new version of FINE/Open with Openlabs.





  1. The viscous layers extrusion method and the improved projection option (EXACTMESHING keyword) have been sped up, resulting in an overall mesh generation time cut down by 4% to 63% among our database cases.
  2. Speed up and robustness improvements for distributed MPI version
  3. Global speed up for the surface to volume mesh generation
  4. An improved version of the optimizer for OpenFoam quality criteria is now introduced




GPU acceleration (FINE/Open) BETA

Use Graphical Processing Units (GPU) in FINE™/Open to decrease even further your convergence time.

Combine the CPU-Booster to the new GPU technology to speed up your computations up to 10 times faster.




Fluid-Structure Interaction: flutter analysis with the Non-Linear Harmonic NLH method (FINE/Open) BETA

FINE/Open now includes an additional module for performing Fluid-Structure Interaction simulations (FSI). The combination of the modal approach and the NonLinear Harmonic (NLH) solver ensures a fast and accurate analysis of flutter or any forced-response phenomena with limited computing resources.

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