NUMECA Releases FINE/Marine v7.2 for CFD

NUMECA Releases FINE/Marine v7.2 for CFD
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BRUSSELS, Belgium, Oct 8, 2018 - NUMECA is delighted to announce the official release of FINE/Marine major version 7.2. FINE/Marine is the leading CFD software for naval architects and marine engineers.




Several improvements and new capabilities, described in the section ‘New features’ of the documentation, have been introduced to ease your daily work and extend the scope of application of FINE™/Marine. There are available on your customer area on

Highlights of FINE/Marine version 7.2

Synthetic jets

A new type of boundary condition has been developed to inject a fluid inside the volume. The user can define a constant jet speed or a pulsed jet or even define its own law of injection. This feature can be used to simulate water jet or air injection to reduce the drag of the boat.




CAD preparation: Rhino export

NUMECA has developed a direct export from Rhino to ease the preparation of the geometry in v7.1.




This plugin has been further developed to take into account your feedback.

Hence, new capabilities are:

  1. Export for ships in mono-fluid for double model simulation
  2. Export propeller domain within a cylinder for open water simulation or for both the ship and propeller meshing with sliding grids
  3. User-defined domain size
  4. Dimensionless triangulation values
  5. Better check for triangulation settings

Quasi-static for hydrofoil

The hydrofoil simulation can now be done with a quasi-static method. The idea is to prescribe the desired lift and side forces and the hydrofoil position will be adapted dynamically during the simulation.




Modal approach

The modal approach has been improved once more to be able to deform the boundaries of the domain during an overset grid simulation. The algorithm has also been accelerated.

New dynamic library for wall function

This new library allows modifying the coefficients from the wall function to calibrate it with different coating or fouling conditions.

GUI and the C-Wizard

15 other improvements have been done for the GUI and the C-Wizard to improve the user-friendliness.

Check the full improvements list in the release note (What’s New section of the documentation)!

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NUMECA International is a leading developer and provider of Grid Generation, Multi-physics – CFD software systems for analysis, design, and optimization of industrial products and processes, with an emphasis in the domains of turbomachinery, marine, aeronautics, aerospace, energy, chemical processes and multi-physics. NUMECA offers an extended suite of software systems covering a broad range of applications for both internal and external flows, including fluid-structure, fluid thermal, aero-acoustic interactions.

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