NEXTSENSE Launches CALIPRI CB20, CaliBreeze Technology for Gap, Flush Measurement in Automotive Industry

NEXTSENSE Launches CALIPRI CB20, CaliBreeze Technology for Gap, Flush Measurement in Automotive Industry
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GRAZ, Austria, Aug 13, 2020 – The latest development from NEXTSENSE, part of Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division, brings a ‘touch’ of freshness to gap and flush measurement in the automotive industry.


NSe1-122With the latest product CALIPRI CB20 and the patented CaliBreeze technology, NEXTSENSE takes surface measurement to a new level


With the CALIPRI CB20 and the unique CaliBreeze technology, it is now possible to measure surfaces that were not measurable before. It works in the same way as cleaning glasses: by ‘breathing’ on the measurement object for a short moment a diffuse reflection of the laser lines is created. After the measurement, the vapour layer evaporates without residue.

Thanks to this technology, measurement is now possible on any surface. Even transparent materials such as glass or plastic, highly-reflective surfaces such as chrome, as well as difficult colors or material combinations, where conventional technologies reach their limits, can be measured precisely and reproducibly with the CALIPRI CB20 and CaliBreeze technology.

This novelty on the market is both a revolution in optical measurement technology and a further development of the industry-known automated solution CALIPRI C12. This unique innovation is intended to better meet the requirements of automobile manufacturers for flush and gap measurement.


With its unique CALIPRI principle, NEXTSENSE is the world leader in mobile profile measurement and surface inspection, especially in wear measurement of rail and track, gap and offset measurement in the automotive industry and profile measurement of hot steel profiles. Customers include numerous all major railway companies, well-known international car manufacturers and forward-looking steel producers. Among them are names such as Deutsche Bahn, SNCF, China Railways, Daimler, JLR, Audi, BMW, voestalpine and ArcelorMittal. For more information, visit

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