Next Limit Introduces BeGraph for Cloud-based Graph Analysis, Visualization

Next Limit Introduces BeGraph for Cloud-based Graph Analysis, Visualization
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MADRID, Spain, Nov 24, 2017 – Next Limit, announced its new, cloud-based platform for analysis and visualization of massive, complex graphs.




Today’s interconnected world of people and machines generates a huge amount of data. Analyzing this data is a challenge that requires lots of computing power, clever algorithms and  advanced / potent / powerful visualization tools. This is especially important when the structure of the data takes the form of a complex network. We are surrounded by networks: our social networks, the power grid, the highway system, the water supply system, communication networks, airlines’ flight routes, business networks, etc. These networks can have thousands, millions of nodes and many more links between them. Understanding their structures, their patterns and how they change or evolve over time can be extremely important in helping us to make better decisions.

The result of this research is BeGraph. BeGraph provides advanced tools based on state-of-the-art graph theory algorithms to calculate graph metrics, identify clusters and discover hidden patterns or singularities with the support of interactive visualization. BeGraph also provides the analyst with real-time visualization of massive datasets(over one million nodes) to navigate and highlight the most interesting features of complex networks, resulting in being particularly useful to intuitively understand the behavior of the datasets. These powerful visualization capabilities are augmented with the support for time-evolving datasets to help discover temporary patterns in the data.

BeGraph’s comprehensive features are supported by a modular cloud platform and an API and plug-in system that provide a customizable SaaS environment to adapt and extend the technology. The cloud platform allows the analyst to run time-consuming batches of metrics effortlessly. Any data sources (user made, traditional or graph-based databases) can be easily imported into BeGraph.

BeGraph is available for a closed beta program with interested parties. For more information, visit


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