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New to BricsCAD? Follow Heidi Hewett’s BricsCAD Journey: 15 Pit Stops so far!

New to BricsCAD? Follow Heidi Hewett’s BricsCAD Journey: 15 Pit Stops so far!

Bengaluru, India



It is now over 6 weeks that I wrote about Autodesk veteran Heidi Hewett jumping over to the BricsCAD camp. As she settles down in her new mission and embarks on a journey through BricsCAD, let us pause today and see what she has been up to in these 6 weeks. Here is an account of her ongoing journey, chronicled as 15 blog posts, that take a newcomer BricsCAD user on a step-by-step journey from download to installation to trial licensing and getting to know to know BricsCAD basics.

If you are new to BricsCAD, this is a must-read series:

Start Off: Pit Stop 1: First Impressions

Pit Stop 2: Download and Install

Pit Stop 3: Welcome to BricsCAD

Pit Stop 4: Exploring the interface

Pit Stop 5: Command Access

Pit Stop 6: Exploring Trial Levels

Pit Stop 7: Exploring each workspace

Pit Stop 8: Drawing Entities

Pit Stop 9: Settings for drawing entities

Pit Stop 10: Drawing with Styles

Pit Stop 11: License Options

Pit Stop 12: Working with blocks

Pit Stop 13: Working with references

Pit Stop 14: Working with layers & linetypes

Pit Stop 15: Editing entities

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