New cast iron machining grade for high-speed and roughing applications

New cast iron machining grade for high-speed and roughing applications
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Cast iron has become one of the easier metals to machine, however, recent machining trends have seen the introduction of excessively high cutting speeds to improve productivity, and the increase of demand for machining complicated shapes made from cast iron.

As such, the need for a new grade specifically designed for high-speed and rough machining of cast iron has emerged.

TaeguTec’s new TT7515 grade has been applied to an improved substrate to boost both toughness and hardness, which maximizes the wear resistance due to the newest special CVD coating technology.

Also, the improved carbide substrate of the Asian metalworking giant’s new grade offers better stability with more uniform and rigid reinforcement while its strong coating adhesion inhibits coating layer delamination.

The TT7515 grade shows outstanding performance in high-speed machining of gray cast iron and achieves stable machining by suppressing the abrupt failure even under unstable machining conditions.

Another major advantage from TaeguTec is that the latest coating increases tool life.

The TT7515 grade complements the existing TT6800 grade by covering the same application range while enabling improved performance. Hence, the existing TT6800 will be replaced with the TT7515 grade being introduced afterwards.

To put it to the test, TaeguTec pitted the TT7515 grade against a leading competitor’s similar offering and found that tool life increased by 40 percent while machining a grey cast iron workpiece material.

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