MotionPort to Sell EDEM-RecurDyn Coupling Product in North America

MotionPort to Sell EDEM-RecurDyn Coupling Product in North America
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EDINBURGH, UK, Feb 1, 2019 – EDEM, the market leader in Discrete Element Method (DEM) technology for bulk and granular materials simulation, has signed an agreement with MotionPort to be an EDEM Distributor for co-simulation with RecurDyn multibody dynamics software in the USA and Canada.



The EDEM-RecurDyn co-simulation solution enables engineers designing heavy equipment such as excavators, ploughs and off-road vehicles to introduce realistic bulk material behaviors to their multi-body dynamics simulations. This capability provides key insights into equipment-material interactions – leading to increased design accuracy and optimized performance.

MotionPort has been a FunctionBay authorized distributor of RecurDyn in North America since 2004. The company provides mechanical multi-physics software solutions that are based on the multibody dynamics platform RecurDyn in order to help engineers achieve better designs of their products that include moving assemblies. These multi-physics solutions are used in many industries, from paper path simulations in copiers and printers to the study of deployable structures in space. Sophisticated simulations are also done with off-highway vehicles for construction and defense. MotionPort also provides expert consulting services to help clients effectively use the technology in the most challenging of applications.

David Boush, Sales Manager – Americas at EDEM commented, “We are pleased to welcome MotionPort to our global network of distributors. This collaboration will enable us to get closer to RecurDyn users in North America and give them access to EDEM’s capability so they can benefit from greater insight into equipment performance”.

Brant Ross, MotionPort president added, “MotionPort is excited to become an EDEM distributor. This new partnership will enable us to properly support customers with products that combine a moving assembly with bulk materials- namely construction and agricultural equipment, pharmaceutical and cosmetic production equipment, and many others.”

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