Moldtech Celebrates 20th Anniversary as TopSolid Reseller in Germany

Moldtech Celebrates 20th Anniversary as TopSolid Reseller in Germany
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EVRY, France, Jul 5, 2018 – On 8 June 2018, Missler Software’s almost entire management team went to Paderborn, north Germany to celebrate 20 years of its long-standing distributor in this country.




Moldtech, the company is founded in 1998 by Jörg Rottkamp, who starts with a team of 3 people (Hajo Schmitz, Dirk Boehlefeld et Andreas Thull), based only on the force of their ambition, their skills and their faith in themselves and in the French TopSolid software.

The German company is now a prosperous company of 65 people and counting! Located in all of the major regions of Germany, it provides its services to more than 1,000 manufacturing companies.  Initially focused on mechanics, and more specifically machining for complex machines, the company also followed in the extension of TopSolid in the mid-2000s, moving towards integrated design/manufacturing for woodworking trades.

This adventure and continued growth, entirely self-financed by success and the constant support of Missler Software, deserved recognition during a party hosted by our German friends, as only they know how.

More than 300 people gathered for this celebratory event, where the spirit and strength of the group filled the air. What a pleasure to re-discover customers from 20 years ago, who have themselves experienced success and growth using TopSolid. It was also a vibrant and precious testimony for Franco-German friendship, and all that it can generate in wealth, happiness and emotion.

Moldtech and Missler Software will, of course, continue their journey, with great technical and commercial ambitions to promote the digital chain and Industry 4.0 in Germany, for the greater good of European industry. Success breeds success, and Moldtech and TopSolid will not stop there, even though a pause for celebration reminds us that we must also take the time to appreciate what has been achieved.

TopSolid, the German-language market (Dach) is now the leading international market for the French software publisher, ahead of the Japanese market. The demands of these two very exacting markets have to lead to an ever-increasing quality of the product, and the transfer of production know-how.

About Missler Software

Missler Software is the world’s leading publisher of CAD/CAM software. With more than 30 years of experience under its belt, Missler Software is in a position to offer a fully integrated CAD/CAM solution. The company mainly targets the mechanical sector (machinery, tools, etc.), sheet metal work and the wood industry. Wherever a machine interacts with material to machine, shape or produces a part.

The TopSolid product range is fresh, comprehensive and unique on the market. Thanks to its advanced technology and its permanent sense of innovation to the benefit of its customers, Missler Software has grown strongly on the global CAD/CAM market. Today, more than 10,000 companies all over the world use TopSolid.

The company has expanded significantly on the international stage in the last decade. Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Nantes, Nancy, but also Chicago, Shanghai, Bogota, Delémont, and Modena. Today, our products are shipped all over the world and more than 70% of our software is exported. Missler Software has partners in Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa and North and South America. More than 500 employees (Missler software employees and resellers) develop and sell TopSolid all over the world every day. Much to the delight of designers and machine operators.

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