ModuleWorks Releases 2014.4 CAD/CAM Components

ModuleWorks Releases 2014.4 CAD/CAM Components
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02. May. 2014

ModuleWorks, the leading supplier of CAD/CAM components for toolpath generation and simulation, has announced the latest release of its CAM components. April sees the release of the latest version of the ModuleWorks components, 2014.04, the first major update of 2014.  We continue to add a broad range of enhancements and this release includes new features for 5-Axis, MultiBlade and Simulation.

ModuleWorks is at the forefront of 5-Axis machining and Simulation technology, providing the machining and simulation technology that powers many of the popular CAM systems available today.

Highlights of the new release are shown below:

5-Axis Machining

The 5-Axis component features a new advanced automatic tilting option to give the user more control over how the automatic tilt is applied. The user is able to specify which rotary axis and tilt is preferred and may also limit the tilting motion to maximum amount away from the original toolpath.

Solid SWARF now provides adaptive feed rate control so that it may be reduced in certain critical situations. These include profiling of inner corners, fanning (the case where the tool tip remains static but the tool is tilting) and when the tool engagement exceeds a specified amount.

As we each update we look to improve performance in key areas and in this release 5-Axis linking is now multi-threaded for much faster toolpath calculation.

5-Axis toolpaths now allow for tool inspection to take place after a specified time or distance cutting. The tool is retracted away from the part to allow to be inspected for wear and replaced if necessary.


Spiral Strategy for MultiBlade Machining

Spiral Strategy for MultiBlade Machining

MultiBlade now provides a spiral strategy for finishing the fillets on the blade form. This toolpath provides additional flexibility and choice when selecting the preferred finishing strategy.

3-Axis Machining

All 2-Axis and 3-Axis finishing strategies now respect a stock definition. The resultant toolpaths are all trimmed to stock and entry and exit motion from stock inherits the lead-in and lead-out strategies specified for parent toolpath. This minimizes air cutting and reduces cycle time.

Parallel cuts pattern for projection toolpaths

Parallel cuts pattern for projection toolpaths

A parallel cuts pattern is now available for the projection strategies. The machining area is aligned with the axis, start point and edge length specified by the user.

There are a number of new features in the 2-Axis variants of the 3-Axis component. Spiral motion is now offered for 2D profile passes in addition to the existing zig-zag and one way methods. 2D passes can also now be trimmed or extended tangentially giving the user additional control over the finishing toolpath.


The Machine Simulation application now has a brand new ribbon interface in keeping with many of the latest Microsoft Windows applications. The traditional toolbar interface is still available but we expect most customers to prefer the newer style interface.

The development team continues to work on performance and refining the entire cutting simulation process. This release shows some significant advances both in speed and quality of the final model making it quicker and easier for the user to optimize machining strategies. There are also improvements to simulation of cutter compensation which helps to provide a more accurate simulation.

The simulation engine now provides support for laser type applications widening the range of different manufacturing disciplines that can be supported still further.


Finally the machine simulation now offers better feedback to the user when different heads are mounted during the machining process. The user is able to easily determine which head is active at any particular time.

The 2014.4 release is now available to all partners from the customer download area

About ModuleWorks

ModuleWorks is a software component provider for the CAD/CAM industry. ModuleWorks’ expertise in 5-Axis Machining and Simulation is recognized throughout the CAM industry and its software components and development services are used by the majority of the leading CAM vendors. ModuleWorks 5-Axis and Simulation software has been used in the manufacture of complex parts for over a decade and they have many users in the global CAD/CAM industry.


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