Materialise Announces an Alliance with PTC

Materialise Announces an Alliance with PTC
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LEUVEN, Belgium, Nov 21, 2016 – Materialise NV has announced an alliance with PTC, which sees PTC tapping into Materialise’s backbone of 3D printing software and solutions to enable users of PTC’s highly-anticipated Creo 4.0 software to 3D print designs directly through the cloud-based i.materialise platform. Powered by the Materialise Magics 3D Print Suite and connected to one of the world’s largest and most complete factories for 3D printing, the i.materialise platform offers high-quality 3D prints in 19 different materials and 100+ possible color and finish combinations.

“When we launched the i.materialise platform in 2009, we did so with the aim of giving more consumers, home professionals, and small businesses access to the best that professional-quality 3D printing had to offer, giving physical form to creative ideas in a variety of materials and finishes to match our customers’ functional, aesthetic, and budgetary needs,” stated Materialise CTO, Bart Van der Schueren. “Today, we are excited to be partnering with PTC to expand the reach of these benefits to an even greater audience through a planned integration with Creo 4.0, and we look forward to working together with their team to even further improve the experience of their users.”

Paul Sagar, vice president of product management at PTC, stated, “For more than 20 years, people have been using 3D printing to manufacture rapid prototypes. However, in recent years, the technology has proven increasingly useful for final production parts, in part because 3D printing makes it possible to manufacture ultra-light components by enabling lattice structures that provide all of the strength, with a fraction of the material. Therefore, in Creo 4.0, we’re adding capabilities to design, analyze and optimize these highly complex lattice structures directly inside the model. In addition, the planned integration with i.materialise will allow Creo 4.0 users to directly order professional-grade 3D prints in the material and finishing required.”

As a partner of PTC, Materialise looks forward to giving Creo 4.0 users direct access to a comprehensive range of 3D printing technologies and finishes, and to working further with the PTC team to help their customers successfully design and manufacture end-use parts.

About Materialise

Materialise incorporates more than 25 years of 3D printing experience into a range of software solutions and 3D printing services, which together form the backbone of 3D printing technologies. Materialise’s open and flexible solutions enable players in a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, automotive, aerospace, art and design, and consumer goods, to build innovative 3D printing applications that aim to make the world a better and healthier place. Headquartered in Belgium, with branches worldwide, Materialise combines the largest group of software developers in the industry with one of the largest 3D printing facilities in the world.

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About i.materialise

i.materialise offers anyone with an eye for design and a head full of ideas the chance to turn dreams into affordable high-quality 3D reality. Be it directly via i.materialise’s on-line printing platform, or indirectly as 3Dprint fulfillment partner for a range of applications, their platform offers a clear and user-friendly interface, in addition to advanced tools for print optimization. Through extensive material research the service caters to creative minds and entrepreneurs worldwide with the largest combination of materials and finishes in the market (including metals and ceramics).

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