Magnacad Releases Magna-Catalogs 2018 for IronCAD, Inovate

Magnacad Releases Magna-Catalogs 2018 for IronCAD, Inovate
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COMMACK, NY, USA, Dec 21, 2017 – Magnacad, LLC today announced the released of their “Magna-Catalogs 2018″ collection designed specifically for IronCAD/Inovate users. Magna-Catalogs are developed using only the functionality found in the core architecture of IronCAD solutions. By not using any specific programming language to develop them, makes them ideal for IronCAD users to adapt and modify to suit their own needs without the need for programming skills.

Magna-Catalogs are automatically provided to Magnacad customers who are on a current support maintenance program. “We value our customers continued support, and by providing Magna-Catalogs is just another way we strive to provide them with quality tools that promote productivity and education”, said Tom Lehnhaeuser, President, Magnacad, LLC.  Since Magna-Catalogs are developed using only the capabilities found in IronCAD, the customer can reverse engineer the components to understand how they were created thereby gaining educational insight. Additionally, the components in the catalogs are developed using 100% customer input primarily received through Magnacad’s technical support department. Also, Magnacad provides an online shop for Magna-Catalogs for the entire global IronCAD community to purchase and enjoy these catalogs.

Key Enhancements 

Key enhancements included in 2018 are the debut of three new types of Magna-Catalogs;  “Service-Orientated”, “Dynamic”, and “LEAN” . These new types are a departure from the standard Magna-Catalogs that primarily host design and modeling features and tools.

“Service-Oriented” catalogs provide quick access to support resources and services directly within the IronCAD/Inovate design user interface allowing users to access these resources without the need to leave the software. The aim is to provide the user a streamlined, convenient and basically a repository of support solutions within the design UI with a simple drag of the mouse. The first such catalog is entitled “Mag-RESOURCES” which provides drag and drop access to community forums, Magnacad support department, blogs, online resources such as training and additional support media. “It’s our intention by providing a catalog of resources directly from the design user interface, the IronCAD/Inovate user will become more apt to utilize the available resources more effectively thus improving their proficiency in the application” states Tom.


magResource2018_1Mag-RESOURCES a “Service-Orientated” Magna-Catalog


“Dynamic” catalogs are intended to provide more advanced components and assembly of components pre-configured to take advantage of various  functionality found in the IronCAD/Inovate software. The first catalog launched in this release with such capabilities is “Mag-MECHANISMS”. It actually provides a two-fold set of functionality. The first being a library of simple mechanisms that can be used with IronCAD’s mechanism mode straight from the catalog without any setup or configuration required. The intention is to provide a launch pad to support machine design where mechanisms are required extensively. The second is additionally integrated third party CAD software to support the design of mechanisms that can be imported into IronCAD/Inovate to use as design guides for mechanisms. The “Mag-MECHANISM” catalog will be made available for free to the entire global IronCAD user base. “We felt that sharing this catalog would benefit the entire global IronCAD community and that is very important to us.” said Tom.

“LEAN” catalogs have been started to build on a larger initiative to provide catalogs aimed at the art of maintenance design. These will provide common components used in the repair or maintenance of your product. Anyone who has had to repair a machine by replacing a part and realizing they cannot access the area with a tool will appreciate these “LEAN” catalogs. The first incarnation in this release are 3/8″ drive sockets both SAE and Metric that provide dimensional reference for needed clearances.

In keeping with our roots, we have also enhanced many existing Magna-Catalogs to continually improve the design experience. Notably we have added more intelligent features, components, and even whimsical models for hobbyists.

About Magnacad, LLC 

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