Magicfirm Europe announces ZYYX pro 3D printer is available for purchase

Magicfirm Europe announces ZYYX pro 3D printer is available for purchase
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Magicfirm has also added three new materials to the ZYYX line of proFilaments.

Swedish 3D printing manufacturer, Magicfirm Europe is now accepting orders for its new ZYYX pro 3D printer, following the success of its ZYYX+ machine.


In addition, Magicfirm, which was founded in 2013, has added three new materials to the ZYYX line of proFilaments: ZYYX proNylon, ZYYX proCarbon and ZYYX proKev.

The ZYYX pro machine has been specifically developed to enable the rapid production of customised and high-strength parts on their desks. With the addition of three new filaments this capability has been further enhanced in the eyes of Magicfirm.

“Many of our customers have expressed a need for high-strength parts,” said Mats Moosberg, CEO of Magicfirm Europe and creator of the ZYYX 3D printer. “The ZYYX pro and our new pro filaments will meet their requirement for functional prototypes and end-use parts, such as tools, jigs and fixtures.”

Designed with high uptime expectations in mind, Magicfirm has built the ZYYX pro upon the series’ proven platform, featuring automatic levelling, material monitoring and a heated chamber. Supplementing this tried and trusted platform is the SwiftTool, a feature which enables the user to replace the tool head in under a minute. Every ZYYX pro unit is delivered with a hard-coated SwiftTool, ensuring abrasive material do not slow down the printing process. Of equal importance is the sustainability of the printing material. Magicfirm has implemented the protect material system to maximise the quality and durability of material during use, and when in storage.

Additionally, Magicfirm believes its latest technology to be both quiet and safe. Through an innovative filtering system (HEPA and active carbon), ultrafine particles and odours are removed, meaning the user can print safely with any material.

Anders Johansson, CMO of Magicfirm Europe comments: “The ZYYX pro fits very nicely in our product portfolio and fills a clear gap in the market: the need to print with engineering materials. Should the ZYYX pro user want to print with materials such as proPLA or proABS, we offer a multi-material extension kit. We are very proud of the result and are really happy to present this to the market together with a substantial early-bird discount.”

The suggested retail price of the ZYYX pro is €4,250, with the ZYYX multi-material extension kit costing a further €295. Magicfirm are offering a campaign offer, which presents the ZYYX pro, 750g of ZYYX proCarbon filament and the multi-material extension kit for a price of €3,600 with an expected delivery time of eight weeks.

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