MachineWorks version 8.0 Released at EMO 2017

MachineWorks version 8.0 Released at EMO 2017
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MachineWorks Ltd will be exhibiting brand new features at the largest International Machine Tool Show, EMO Hanover this September, 18th – 23rd in Hall 27 stand number B73.


What’s New in MachineWorks version 8.0?

These will be some of the exciting new features on display at EMO Hannover 2017:

Surface and Feature Detection

MachineWorks New Surface and Feature detection allows users to analyse cut surfaces and detect its features. Users may be interested in finding generic geometrical features like cylinders or spheres (surface detection) or may be looking for machined features such as drilled holes (Feature Detection).   Both Surface and feature detection represent vast time savings when creating CAD data from polygonal data or generating a toolpath.

Sheet Bending New Functionality

MachineWorks has optimised the simulation of sheet metal bending thanks to brand new features that provide optimisation of collision checking results and performance.

Collision Detection Optimisation

Concaves shapes in machined parts can present a challenge to collision detection and slow down the results of the checking, typically for U- and L-shapes.   MachineWorks‘ latest release has overcome this problem by adding more automation enabling significant performance improvements on the collision inference.

Simulation Restore Feature

This new handy MachineWorks feature allows to take ‘snapshots’ of a solid, for example the  stock, during the course of a simulation and quickly revert to them at will.  When programming or editing a toolpath incrementally, this fast ‘undo’ option becomes an extremely useful function to have to hand.

Cloud Simulation

MachineWorks new version offers customers APIs to perform a cloud-based simulation more efficiently.

MachineWorks functionality supports both client and server-side rendering of simulation in real-time as a standard.  An improved compression scheme and tools to handle communication and decompression means that a fast a network connection between client & server is no longer required. There’s also a new client-side library that introduces an API to handle the client-side of the communications therefore making implementation much easier.

Video Feature to Record Simulation 

MachineWorks new release allows users to generate a 3D recording of a simulation that can be used to create movie files to view later. The recording contains information to allow you to manipulate the view (e.g. change the ‘camera’ position) when producing a movie. Most sales & marketing departments including ours would kill for this feature.

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