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Leapfrog Announces Bolt Pro industrial 3D printer

Leapfrog Announces Bolt Pro industrial 3D printer
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Leapfrog, a developer of desktop and industrial 3D printing platforms, has officially announced the launch of its Bolt Pro machine, an updated version of its most successful product.

Established in 2012, Leapfrog has since been committed to meeting the needs of its professional and industrial customers through its range of FDM-based 3D printers. That commitment has again been proved with this latest release.

Leapfrog’s Bolt platform was launched around one year ago. A well-received machine, Leapfrog has refused to rest on its laurels and has come back this summer with a new and improved model – taking greater concern for the company’s industrial custom with a number of updates.

The Leapfrog Bolt Pro print bed – A granite option is also available.

A press release marking the launch read: “To fulfil the requirements of our most demanding customers, we have taken the Bolt, our most successful printer so far, and further improved it – putting the Bolt Pro at the cutting edge of high-end additive manufacturing.”

The Bolt Pro differs from the original model in that it features industrial linear guides in the Y-axis, which increases precision and reduces noise. Users can also swap filaments mid-print, and swiftly change print beds too – there is a choice between a standard Borosilicate bed and a granite one. An interactive user interface start-up guide makes it easier for new users to set the machine up, while users also benefit from an improved cooling and fan duct, a magnetic closing of doors on the filament compartment, and an improved cabling based on IGUS industrial grade components.

Per Leapfrog, the result is an industrial machine able to seamlessly be integrated into an office workflow. Fully enclosed and equipped with an activated carbon filter, the printer can get to work without disturbing the office environment, both in noise and smell. Additionally, an intuitive seven-inch touch screen and Wi-Fi-connectivity, the process of a print is made even easier – users can monitor the print from their desk, via their computer or smartphone.

Leapfrog also believes it is delivering to market the best multi-material printer available. It boasts Dual Independent Extruders (IDEX), which helps to produce clean prints, while doubling the production speed in sync/ mirror mode. The Bolt Pro’s high temperature hot end, direct drive system and full enclosure, further enhances the quality of the prints.

With dimensions of 330 x 320 x 205mm, Leapfrog is confident its Bolt Pro’s build volume betters that of most of its competitors. Made mostly of sheet metal, and weighing 70kg, the printer should also be considerably durable.

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