Lantek’s Sheet Metal Software Delivers High Quality Production Equipment for the Food Industry

Lantek’s Sheet Metal Software Delivers High Quality Production Equipment for the Food Industry
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Tailored solutions by Lantek for efficiency and quality assurance

Nov 22, 2016: To ensure consumers receive safe food and beverages, the food industry has to meet the highest quality standards – from raw materials to the packaged product on the shelf. Equally high are the demands on the manufacturers of machinery and equipment used in the food industry in terms of safety, quality, reliability, precision and hygiene. To enable these machinery and equipment manufacturers achieve their targets they need to closely control their processes. Sheet metal software from Lantek enables them to have all their metalworking processes under control at all times. And much more: The CAD/CAM, MES and ERP software solutions from the worldwide market leader optimize all processes: from quote generation to computer-assisted design, intelligent materials usage and synchronization of production steps, to on-time completion and inventory management.

Companies that manufacture machines for the food industry usually have a wide range of products. The standard range of individual solutions for food mixing, centrifuging or spray-drying is often part of a modular system that can be expanded depending on the needs of the customer and can extend to a complete line which manufactures products from raw materials, packages these and places these on pallets for shipping. The contract-related production of such machines or production lines can leave precious personnel and machine capacity in equipment manufacturer’s companies idle – and may also generate a lot of part used sheet metal material which, in turn, generate an enormous administrative burden if it is to be used up for future projects.


Cross-project working method

A cross-project and share-related working method, on the other hand, unites the data of workpieces of the same material thickness and quality from different jobs, efficiently nests these on the plate, uses part used sheet material  for the production of standard parts for stock – and in the end unites all parts of each contract together. Lantek software tools enable companies to use this method of working, enabling themmanufacture different models, versions and variants at the same time, in order to make optimum use of their human and equipment resourcesall the time.


The comprehensive software portfolio of CAD / CAM solutions with advanced nesting algorithms and machining and products strategies for production management (sheet metal MES software) and resource planning (ERP) is structured so that companies can accurately find the software components that suit their individual situation and their future development. Based on the overall assessment of the factory and in close cooperation with the customer, the Lantek IT experts will accompany them on the path to a unique overall concept. Integration mechanisms enable the efficient integration of existing software, such as for design or management systems.


Lantek supports interfaces to more than 1,000 machine types

With the Lantek Expert and Lantek Flex3d nesting software companies can easily import CAD data and bills of materials – and also create and edit geometries from the files of their food industry customers. The system then nests the forms and creates the CNC code for the programing of sheet metal cutting machines (including oxyfuel, plasma, laser or water jet technology), guillotine shears or punching machines. Interfaces to more than 1000 types of machine enable the customer to control a heterogeneous machine workshop from a single interface with Lantek software,providing them with maximum freedom of choicewhen purchasing new machinery.

Lantek Expert manages the entire machine technology and calculates time and cost per part and per sheet. This enables companies to keep their profitability under better control. Users can retrieve parts, production orders, plates and much more from a parametric parts library and an open database. To do this they need to enter criteria such as the material used, the customer or the date. A further benefit of the software is the quality assurance and traceability of the products delivered to customers in the food industry.


Project status and quality control with a mouse click and in real time

Thanks to the permanent monitoring of all production processes up to completion, production managers can track the status of projects and the utilization of the machines with a mouse click in real time.This makes it possible to ensure that the quality is correct, the production is running efficiently and cost-effectively and that delivery deadlines are met.


Metal stocks in the warehouse can be efficiently recorded with the Lantek Integra software module. If the measurement of the geometry being cut is known, a sample nesting provides exact information as to whether there is enough material available or if more needs to be ordered. The sheets are delivered automatically to the cutting machine.

Food processing industry machinery manufacturers need not fear expensive production losses if they wish to enjoy the benefits of Lantek sheet metal software. The installation and commissioning takes place during normal factory operation. In addition, Lantek offers its customers comprehensive support with telephone and remote maintenance and on-site service.

About Lantek

Lantek provides software solutions CAD/CAM/MES/ERP for companies fabricating sheet metal, tubes, and beams with any cutting(laserplasmaoxy-cutwater jetshear) and punching technology. Lantek integrates the most advanced nesting software in the industry with the highest standards in manufacturing management solutions.

Its capacity for innovation and its firm commitment to internationalization and emerging markets have led Lantek, founded in 1986 in the Basque Country and with central offices in Vitoria-Gasteiz (Alava), to devise a global-local strategy, which has meant it has become a global reference within the industry with its CAD/CAM/MES/ERP solutions. Today, the company has over 18,000 customers in over 100 countries and its own offices in 15 countries, in addition to an extensive network of distributors that are present throughout the world. In 2015 its international operations provided 88% of its turnover.

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