Lantek reports a positive outcome after participating in Advanced Factories Barcelona

Lantek reports a positive outcome after participating in Advanced Factories Barcelona
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The company, which participated as an Event Partner in the Industry 4.0 fair, presented its innovation proposal and showcased its Lantek Synergy technology.



Vitoria-Gasteiz, April 11, 2017.- The multinational Lantek, a pioneer in the digital transformation of the industrial metalworking sector, has reported a very positive outcome following its participation in the Advanced Factories 2017 fair. Located in Barcelona, this was the first international, professional event dedicated to innovation, automation and Industry 4.0. The fair saw the participation of more than 200 exhibitors, 170 international speakers and the attendance of professionals from 25 countries.

Lantek was one of the leading companies participating in the fair, which it attended as an event partner, where it took the opportunity to present Lantek Synergy, the solution which enables the optimization of productive processes on a company wide scale. It provides efficiency for all processes performed by companies in the sheet metalworking industry, facilitating the integration and coordination of manufacturing times and machinery (regardless of the manufacturer) and optimization of raw material usage on each machine. In short, this is an intelligent decision taking system which will enable the digital transformation for the sheet metal industry.


Through its work over the last few years, Lantek has become one of the key players in the transformation of this industrial sector in readiness for Industry 4.0. “At Lantek we know the path to efficiency and it’s the one that integrates the machine with the decision-making center,” says Juan José Colás, the company’s Sales Director.

“Over the course of Advanced Factories 2017, participants had the opportunity to view many technologies, suppliers, hundreds of articles by experts and dozens of options for digitally transforming industry”, Colás adds. “We all know that it’s time to start implementing digitization, to make the most of the amazing opportunities offered by the new technologies now available to our industry, however the million dollar question is how and with whom? This is where Lantek shows its experience and know-how, and positions itself as a trusted partner so that both its current and potential clients can benefit from its advice on digital transformation and on the voyage towards Industry 4.0.”

In this respect, the participants in the Industry 4.0 fair had the chance to discover not only the value proposal of Lantek Synergy and its technology, but were also able to share experiences, opinions and concerns with the experts at Lantek.

“Ultimately, our objective is to send the message that Lantek “knows the way”, allowing companies to move towards Industry 4.0 and become more competitive”. Lantek has a thorough knowledge of what the market wants through listening listen to its customers and as a result, on this voyage towards the intelligent factory of the future, we can offer them flexible solutions that are tailor-made to their specific needs”, explains the Director who, during the fair on 4 and 5 April, gave presentations on “Reducing costs, maximizing profit” and “Digital transformation, an unstoppable reality”.

During these presentations, he explained how to promote and simplify the digital transition and transformation through the integration and real-time connection of machines, processes, plant, customers and suppliers. He presented this in the context of Lantek’s own innovative solution to show how it can be achieved in a streamlined and straightforward way to improve management, optimize costs and maximize productivity and profit.


About Lantek

A pioneer in the digital transformation of companies in the sheet metal industry, Lantek offers Business Manufacturing Intelligence software solutions that allow the connection of plants by converting them into Smart Factories.

The firm, founded in 1986 in the Basque Country and headquartered in Vitoria-Gasteiz (Álava), makes it possible to integrate into the plant with the most demanding advanced manufacturing management software. Today, the company has more than 18,000 customers in more than 100 countries, and own offices in 15 countries, as well as an extensive network of distributors with presence worldwide.

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