Kratos Appointed PAN India Sales and Support Partner by Korean Forging Simulation Software AFDEX

Kratos Appointed PAN India Sales and Support Partner by Korean Forging Simulation Software AFDEX
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June 1, 2016: India: Kratos Engineering & IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.‘ – a Pan India engineering Software solution providers. The firm partners with leading Multinational software principals offering solutions to customers enabling them optimize design/ development, improve quality and achieve cost reduction.

Kratos have recently tied up with MFRC – Korea to offer their Forge Simulation software AFDEX to esteemed Indian Forging companies.

This software, developed locally in Korea with cooperation of GNU – University and has enabled the Korean industry, automotive in particular, to achieve Global competitiveness & prosper in world market.

AFDEX software enables to optimize Die life, increase the strength characteristics, accuracies, improvement of grain flow and more significantly enables forgers to reduce the input material weight unto 20 % by bringing forged component to near net shape & reducing flashes to minimum. This will result in significant improvement in Productivity and cost reduction.

This software was introduced in Korean market in 1998 and since then there has been continuous upgradation and as of today it has been evaluated globally by competent agencies/ specialists who have confirmed that AFDEX is one of the best in the field and the users have achieved a spurt in development & profitability.


AFDEX is available in both the 2D & 3D versions for Hot, warm & Cold forging applications. It covers all forge processes like Open die, Closed die, ring rolling, Extrusion & Powder forging.

AFDEX solutions are characterized by:

1.       Accuracy with minimum volume loss

2.       Intelligent meshing with adaptive/ optimized meshing density

3.       Precise component die interface boundaries

4.       Automatic handling of multi stage processes to reduce simulation time.

5.       User friendly & convenient use.

About Kratos:

Kratos Engineering is a pan India supplier of Advanced Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Solutions and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). We pride ourselves in providing Integrated CAD / CAM / CAE / PLM Systems that enable our customers to design & develop innovative products. At Kratos, we focus upon helping our customers design better products, faster. With Kratos convert your engineering challenges into successful Business.

About MFRC

MFRC has unceasingly developed the metal forming simulator of AFDEX, standing for Advisor for metal Forming process Design EXperts, based on rigid-elastothermovisco plastic finite element method with intelligent remeshing technology embedded.

MFRC also supports and consults our customers in various ways of both online and offline education, sharing application experiences and useful findings from annual conference on metal forming CAE technologies which covers special short term or long term lectures and publication of books and papers as well.

MFRC’s policy is to organize and network full-time professionals and specialists from academic side in fulfilling our customers with engineering achievements and satisfaction.

MFRC consistently pursues genuine integrity to become true friends of metal forming engineers and researchers full of passion and enthusiasm.



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