KAISER Introduces World’s Smallest Digital Boring Tools

KAISER Introduces World’s Smallest Digital Boring Tools

KAISER Precision Tooling, a leader in premium high-precision tooling systems and solutions for the automotive, mil/aero, energy, medical and watch-making industries, today announced its latest digital boring tools, which improve efficiency compared to the analog heads they can replace. The digital heads are also typically 20 per cent quicker to set than analog equivalents.

KAISER’s digital boring tools dramatically increase accuracy and process reliability in the machine tools industry. This is because setting errors by handling are virtually eliminated due to the large, easy to read digital display, which delivers ultra-precise accuracy of 0.001mm in diameter. Reducing errors saves time and reduces the amount of waste produced and therefore reduces costs.

Specially built to run on small machines, the EWD 2-32 features a concentric insert holder and a wide range of accessories for an optimized tool set up within a diameter range of 2 to 32mm. The EWD 2-32 has a tool body diameter of 50mm.

With a tool body diameter of 38mm, the EWD 41 is the world’s smallest digital precision boring head with an integrated digital display. The EWD 41 provides laterally-loaded cutting for a range of diameters from 41 to 53mm.

KAISER developed the electronics itself, having set up an in-house electronics lab. This means it retains control of this key part of the boring tools, and it is able to ensure the highest quality product for customers.

To ensure compatibility with customers’ existing equipment, all insert holders and boring bars of KAISER analogue tools can easily be used with the new digital versions. The complete KAISER range of digital boring tools covers diameters from 2 to 3000mm, including tools with centered and side insert holders. All digital boring heads belong to the modular KAISER system, which means they can be plugged in any shank with a standard CK connection, and thus used in a huge range of machine tools.

“Digital is the future – digital boring delivers precision and consistency, saving time and money by dramatically reducing operator errors,” says Peter Elmer, CEO of KAISER Precision Tooling. “With the compatibility offered by KAISER, it’s simple for customers to get these benefits by replacing their existing analogue heads with new digital models – and our electronics lab ensures that the digital heads are high quality products, which maintain KAISER’s excellent reputation.”

The tools are individually tested by KAISER at its factory to ensure reliability, and have a long lasting battery life of more than 5000 diameter adjustment cycles. Standard batteries are used, so replacements can easily be purchased at any electronics store. IP69K-rated protection, highest possible, ensures the tools are resistant to the ingress of dust and water, even under high pressure and in extreme environments.


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