Interview: Mr. Tamilvanan Director – Sales & Marketing Graebert discusses Competitive Strengths, Real Business Opportunities for Graebert Software

Interview: Mr. Tamilvanan Director – Sales & Marketing Graebert discusses Competitive Strengths, Real Business Opportunities for Graebert Software
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Good morning Mr.Tamilvanan, How are you doing?

Gm Sachin, I am doing well. Thank you for enquiring. In hindsight, lots of happy & successful business days are ahead for Graebert.

Having known that you have joined Graebert (Congratulations), Can you please elaborate your role?

Thank you. Yes, I have taken up leadership challenge at Graebert as the Director – Sales & Marketing envisioning triple digit growth QoQ. At Graebert, I am responsible for building a successful sales & marketing organisation that will fuel incremental revenues to Graebert business for now and in the years ahead.

Nice to know about you role. How do you think that Graebert recruiting you as Director – Sales & Marketing will be a game changer for its business growth?

Firstly, I am a CAD veteran (24 years) who knows CAD business well. Secondly, I had successfully held several senior management roles in different CAD MNCs with different portfolio offerings. Thirdly, I have in-depth knowledge of different facets of CAD business ranging from Sales Management – Business Transformation, Channel & License Compliance to BLM, PLM, Facade Engineering, Additive Manufacturing – 3D Print & 3D Scan and Digital Reprographics – GIS, 2D Print & 2D Scan respectively. Finally, my honest & sincere efforts of 24 years in the CAD Industry had helped numerous organisations to witness KRAs  namely Improved Quality & Increased Productivity which itself is a proven testimony that Graebert business growth will reach sky high for now and in the years ahead.

Thank you for the insight. What do you think are the real business opportunities for Graebert and what are the difficult challenges you will face in the current CAD business space & competition?

Well, I do not foresee any big difficulties /challenges or even competition as a matter of fact, but only see plethora of business opportunities for Graebert success; except if we do not persevere & perform to our fullest potential. Our business caters to both Generic CAD business and Diversified / Segmented CAD business namely AEC, Manufacturing, GIS and Oil & Gas, to name a few. Our software portfolio comprises of our flagship software named ARES Commander and its Verticals namely Generic – Trinity (Desktop, Mobile & Cloud), Mechanical & GIS and OEM. Many renowned 2D CAD software are also powered by Graebert ARES OEM engine. With a large installed base of Graebert ARES Commander & our proven Graebert ARES OEM licenses along with our proven business success in our staunch business philosophies of staying on PERPETUAL licensing, AFFORDABLE pricing & FLEXIBLE parallel usage of a single license on Desktop, Mobile & Cloud, we will emerge as CLEAR INVINCIBLE WINNERS defeating competition big time.

Really interesting to learn about your competitive business strengths. Can you please let us know few of your key strategies that will benefit Generic CAD industries & Segmented CAD businesses.

Sure. Expensive software portfolio; Cloud / Term Licensing from competition will feel the real business heat from Graebert software portfolio offerings. Our valuable Customers, Partners & OEMs have been witnessing sea change benefits & ROI by investing on our technology portfolio with distinctive advantages of using Perpetual, Affordable & Flexible Licensing that works parallel on Desktop, Mobile & Cloud; instead of multiple invest of time & money on expensive technology from competition.

Brainstorming. Thank you for your time Mr. Tamilvanan. Would like to hear more business success testimonies from you in the years ahead. Do you like to add a final touch to this interview?

Thank you sparing your valuable time to interview me and for your kind wishes. We at Graebert strongly believe that we can address customer queries by supporting in a timely & quality manner, keeping customer first & as our top priority. We have a huge development centre in India comprising extremely talented software engineers who will work round the clock in pre & post sales and support, which itself is a testimony of adding true value to our valuable Customers, Partners & OEMs with our Perpetual, Affordable & Flexible Licensing to get the best ROI. Last but not the least, we are hiring talented sales & marketing professionals and software engineers as we are growing rapidly in the APAC region. Catch up with you next time Sachin.

I would like to thank Mr. Tamilvanan  for taking the time to answer my questions. If you have any questions for him or for DailyCADCAM, please leave a comment below or mail me on and we will be glad to answer.

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