Intelli Korea Leading the Post-Corona Transition of the CAD Market in South Korea

Intelli Korea Leading the Post-Corona Transition of the CAD Market in South Korea
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Celebrating its 30th anniversary, Intelli Korea holds ARES® CAD launch event

‘ARES® CAD’ with more than 8 million users in more than 100 countries around the world

PC, mobile and cloud CAD programs for the Post-Corona era, as traditional businesses which rely on face-to-face contacts, need to reinvent their collaboration workflows

On November 24th, Intelli Korea held an event to celebrate the launch of ARES® CAD developed by Graebert GmbH, Germany, at the press center, and is announced entrance to the market in earnest.

Intelli Korea, which celebrated its 30th anniversary this year, is a company that is leading the industry with a domestic CADian, an alternative CAD that replaces AutoCAD, and aims to lead the revitalization of the non-face-to-face CAD market with the distribution of the ARES® CAD software.

The plan is to focus on supplying ARES® CAD in Korea along with the self-developed domestic CAD “CADian”.

In particular, they are paying attention on civil engineering field, promoting the high compatibility of German ARES® CAD, which is highly reliable.

ARES® CAD is a German CAD program that has secured the world’s second largest market share with more than 8 million users in more than 100 countries around the world. ARES® CAD is attracting attention as a next-generation alternative CAD through the integration of three CAD product lines that support the “desktop, mobile, and cloud” platforms.

Above all, ARES® CAD’s strength is its high speed. It is the only CAD program faster than AutoCAD and can convert PDF files to dwg.

In addition, it supports multiple OS such as Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. It also supports excellent Drawing Comparison functions required by design engineers, and supports multiple platforms such as desktop, mobile, and cloud web.

It is a drawing design authoring tool suitable for overseas construction sites, large enterprises with many manufacturing plants, mid-sized enterprises, and large engineering enterprises as well.

“We have been preparing for the distribution of CAD programs based on desktop, mobile, and web for two years,” said Seung-Hoon Park, CEO of Intelli Korea. “Beyond its value of PC-based alternative CAD which replaces AutoCAD, ARES® CAD is an untact collaboration system between workers which will create a new CAD system that provides solutions.”

“Also, since the latest drawing can be directly shared anywhere in the world, anytime, on any device, using ARES® Commander (for desktop) – a design authoring tool particularly suitable for large and medium-sized companies with many overseas construction sites or manufacturing plants – along with mobile-based ARES® Touch and cloud-based web CAD, ARES® Kudo, our aim is to provide cloud service CAD that enables interoperability between workers through the synchronization function of drawings.”

With the shift to M2O (Mobile to Online) business environment in the Post-Corona era, Intelli Korea introduced untact collaboration solutions using ARES® Trinity of CAD, how it helps user in drawing management, and its key features.

Users can download and edit .dwg files stored in the cloud storage from any desktop, mobile, or web platforms, and save the drawing in cloud which can be shared and modified anytime, anywhere, on any device. Dwg drawing files can be opened and edited easily through mobile CAD and web CAD on the go as well as on site when connected to the internet. Also, with powerful markup (stamp, text, image, voice data etc.) feature that enables seamless DWG editing, it is estimated to increase around 15% productivity for companies that operate a number of manufacturing plants or construction sites as well as companies that frequently change drawings.

Supported public cloud storage services include Google Drive, Box, OnShape, Trimble Connect, Dropbox, OneDrive, Webdev, and of course it can be easily synced through its own server. It is expected to support Hancom Cloud service, ‘Hancom Space’ as well soon. ARES® Commander is supported on all operating systems including Windows, MacOS, Linux.

It is evaluated to show fastest performance (open, zoom/pan etc.) among all other CADs including AutoCAD, and has excellent dwg compatibility. You can download trial versions of three platforms from the Graebert website and try them for 30 days.

ARES® CAD, which provides desktop, mobile, and web-based CAD programs as a set, is only 18% of the Autodesk subscription price, which is highly cost-effective, and also offers both subscription option and perpetual license.

About Intelli Korea:

Intelli Korea, established in Korea in 1990, is a leading CAD software developer with second largest users in Korea (first being AutoCAD).

Since 1998, it has been developing and distributing its unique CAD solution “ CADian ” , which replaces AutoCAD and is currently translated into 15 languages and exported to 129 c ountries. CADian supports .dwg file format, which is bidirectionally compatible with AutoCAD and supports the same commands.

Beyond general CAD, Intelli Korea provides a variety of applications for free, such as Dream in the civil engineering field, and EasyMECH, which supports the design of various mechanicals such as ducts, appliances, and piping.

It also has 3D modeling software “CADian 3D” as well as 3D Printing technology, and supports expert training curriculum for 3D Printing and Prototype Production. With the ARES Trinity of CAD concept, Intelli Korea aims to actively target major and global companies in Korea. and

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