INSYDIUM ONLINE to Replace INSYDIUM Forums Effective from Jan 2019

INSYDIUM ONLINE to Replace INSYDIUM Forums Effective from Jan 2019

ENGLAND, UK, Dec 10, 2018 – The British simulation specialists INSYDIUM Ltd. announces that early next year its existing Forums will close forever. The current forums have become outdated and cumbersome and they will be replaced by a new and improved INSYDIUM ONLINE.

The old forums and the new system will run in parallel until the end of the year, with the big switchover planned for January 2019.

INSYDIUM ONLINE lives within the Community Area on INSYDIUM’s Website. Effectively being one area for the X-Particles, Cycles 4D and the INSYDIUM Bridge Community to join forces. You can use it as an alternative or as an addition to Discord. Everyone needs to sign up to be able to post, even if you’ve signed up to the old forums or you have an account in our shop.

As before, this is not for support – purely for user discussion, sharing of work and self–help. If you need technical support, please use 

INSYDIUM will further continue to support X-Particles 3.5 users until the end of 2019.

Please visit Sign up and get started.

For more information, visit

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