Increase Productivity of Shop Floor with the Power of Fikusvisualcam ST

Increase Productivity of Shop Floor with the Power of Fikusvisualcam ST

Metalcam develops easy to use, automated and productive CAD/CAM software that helps to improve users’ competitiveness and profits.

Metalcam was established in 1991 in Barcelona, Spain, and in 2011 in Bangalore, India. The purpose of the company has been to provide high quality CAD/CAM software solutions (Fikusvisualcam ST) to its customers which can solve their machining problems. With the broader expertise in the machine tool industry, the company has been pioneering its software products by incorporating the advancements in the machining technologies in the area of wire cut machining. Wire cut machining is a kind of non traditional machining process.

About Fikusvisualcam ST

Fikusvisualcam ST caters to the demand of shop floor CAM programming of wire edm, milling, lathe and mill-turn technologies. The CAM software is integrated with CAD and for the programming it takes some assistance from what we call wizard, that helps users to reduce the time and errors of programming during the machining. Wizard based user interaction has been developed by the R&D team of Fikusvisualcam ST to bring together the programming optimisation and machine tool knowledge base so that the users can innovate with and leverage over our software expertise.

Fikusvisualcam ST  Wire EDM

Fikusvisualcam ST for wire offers a flexible and complete solution for today’s wire EDM programmer. The solution is specially designed to produce 2 and 4 axis toolpaths. The CAM software supports a wide array of machine tools technologies like AgieCharmilles, Accutex, Fanuc, Makino, Electronica, Excetek, ONA, Sodick, Chmer, Mitsubishi and so on.

The last release of Fikusvisualcam ST software product had a host of advanced features which will reduce time to market and work hours for its customers significantly.

There are several advancements which have come with our last release of Fikus ST to name a few:

  1. The graphical user interface of the product has undergone makeover thus providing more organised user interaction through ribbons, toolbars and wizards which enhances usability.
  2. A high speed performance dedicated technology wizard, has been developed.
  1. The wizard also supports the advanced features for GFMS machines as these advanced options have been developed closely with the GFMS R&D centre in Switzerland:


4. A new Wizard has been introduced for the users of Fanuc Alpha series and CHMER machines.

5. Multi Origins or Multi “0” for Milling and Wire technologies: (This new functionality allows to select one or more machine references for one or more parts).

6. Rotary axis for Wire EDM: TBI


7. DB Importers have undergone upgrades for several machine brands such as Sodick, and ONA.

8. Feature recognition for Wire EDM: Simplify your work load by detecting all geometries to be cut in a single set up.

9. Milling 2D: Feature Recognition detecting all geometries from 2.5D part work to be machined in easy steps and New Trochoidal slot.

10. Milling 3D: New Adaptive Roughing and new advanced options.

11. Turn: The new option to complete slotting zones, the new Lathe ZX Back view and the wizard templates

12. More reliable Mill-turn within the improvements introduced, which stands out is the automatic toolpath crash detection by using G41 and G42 commands.

13. Fikus Cloud A new powerful tool being available in order to manage versions, updates licenses, postprocessors and safety copies.

14. Keep the knowledge base of your cutting strategies by using templates. The templates can be stored and retrieved later thus providing reliability, quality and efficiency to the machining process.

Fikusvisualcam ST has been developed keeping the most desired demands of the wire cut Industry “the efficiency” and “the accuracy”. The optimal cutting strategies implemented in the post processors will be the real strength for the users of this product.

Thanks to our collaboration with the most advanced machine tool manufacturers in collaboration with whom this product has been realized.

Fikusvisualcam ST is certainly an innovative CAD/CAM product to improve the productivity of the shop floor.

Metalcam also offers other complementary CAD/CAM solutions for the shop floors:

  • Fikus Plus; a product to create, edit, repair any geometry and proven CAM solution for Milling and wire EDM.
  • Fikus Works; an intuitive, flexible, efficient and proven Fikus CAM solution for wire EDM integrated into Solidworks CAD.

Advantages of using these products will be shared in subsequent articles.

To inquire more about any of our products please write to or call +919845587722.

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