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IGC Announces Brava! Enterprise 7.2 for Microsoft SharePoint 2013

IGC Announces Brava! Enterprise 7.2 for Microsoft SharePoint 2013
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Merge documents with simple drag and drop and view 3D drawings

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – October 7, 2014 – Informative Graphics Corporation (IGC®), a Microsoft Silver Application Development partner and a leader in viewing, collaboration and redaction technology, announces Brava!® Enterprise 7.2 for SharePoint. The new release offers these features and enhancements:

  • Doc Merge allows users to drag and drop pages from multiple files to create a new file—all while leaving original source files intact.
  • Checkview enables guided review of forms, focusing a reviewer’s attention on items that need to be reviewed or acted upon.
  • The new Brava 3D ActiveX client displays 3D models, allowing users to measure, locate and identify parts; access part and subassembly info; view multi-plane cutaways and cross sections and explode assemblies.
  • Enhanced text comparison shows differences between two documents more distinctly. Highlight colors, fonts and text wrapping can all be customized to suit individual preferences.
  • Electronic signatures, initials or professional seals can be applied easily to validate documents or show that they have been reviewed.
  • The cross-platform Brava HTML5 client now offers faster page loading and vector viewing for crisp views at tight zoom levels, plus the ability to set CAD layer visibility and view object attributes.
  • Redaction can be done more quickly with new selection features.
  • Administrators have streamlined ability to customize configurations.

“We’ve been working at a rapid pace to continually add features over the last two years,” said Mark Farlin, IGC director of product management. “We’re pleased to continue bringing new functionality to our Brava Enterprise for SharePoint customers.”



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