I Walk – Walk Through your Imagination in a VR Environment

I Walk – Walk Through your Imagination in a VR Environment
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A new technology lands in our homes

Virtual reality (VR) has arrived into our living rooms! It is now in the consumer realm, for use by you and me, and not in esoteric labs, as in the 90′s.

DesignSense Software Technologies has launched a new Software As A Service (SaaS) called I^Walk that allows you to walk through your imagination.

Simply take your 3D BIM or CAD design from AutoCAD, 3DSMAX or Sketchup and author it in I^Walk to get an immersive experience of looking around and navigating your model the VR way.

The experience is enabled using any smartphone with VR gear, from entry level Google card-board to the popular Samsung VR gear and other gaming consoles. Using a device with higher processing power, resolution and features gives you significantly better experience. For the retail users, Samsung S7 with VR gear from Oculus is recommended for best experience.

For those of you new to VR, there are tons of reading material out there, but in a nutshell, VR enables you to see your model as if you are in it. The 3D perception is obtained by projecting stereo-graphic image pairs that are deciphered by the brain and visualized in 3D.

The principles of VR are inspired by photogrammetry, but VR puts together several other technologies together to bring that one single experience of realism, space and the perception of depth makes it easy for laymen to understand their models.


Where do we see this bringing value?

First, the traditional: Prospective buyers of villas and apartments get better visualization of space, depth, form and circulation while looking at the premises. Getting a pretty picture is one thing but being able to related spatially enables you to take better informed decisions and plan your fixtures better.

VR can also be useful in visualizing the outdoors – useful for architects designing layouts containing multiple lots with roads, gardens etc. Your landscape planning architect can now For planners of large spaces like offer you to take a ride around the proposed development.

VR as a training tool

The shelf life of any product of service is short. VR is a great way to educate new recruits in your team quickly and train them about a new facility you have built, a new concept you have visualized or a dream you want to convey to your team.


I^Walk is not just VR, it is built from the traditional model only

I^Walk offers all of the previous generation tools like static walk-through, TV screen and smartphone rendering of images with joy-stick like navigation controls in a context that can be completely non-VR as well. I^Walk gives you both the traditional and the new, in one single platform.

I^Walk can be carried around

Large real estate companies have experience centers where customers can come and experience VR using high-end VR platforms costing thousands of dollars in capital expenses as well as in building content through service providers. I^Walk is thin, the gear can be carried around by your sales reps and shown around to everyone easily. Your experience center is now mobile!

Walk the I^Walk and experience the difference.

If you have a model you want to visualize in VR, send it across and let us know. We can generate a link for you to view it in your device.


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