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How to rename a SOLIDWORKS PDM Archive Server

How to rename a SOLIDWORKS PDM Archive Server
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If you want to rename SOLIDWORKS PDM Archive Server, follow these steps to ensure proper functioning of SOLIDWORKS PDM after renaming the server machine.

Step 1: Backup and lock access

The first step is to ensure you have a recent backup of the archive and the SQL database. Once the backups are complete, you need to ensure  that during the rename operation no one can access the PDM vault; refer to my recent article on how to block PDM login.

Step 2: Rename the Server

The next step is rename the server. There are a number of ways of doing this. In the below image I illustrate how this is done through Windows System Settings

Step 3: Edit SQL Tables

Now that the server is renamed, we need to make make changes through SQL Server Management Studio. Expand the Tables folder, for your vault and edit the tables ArchiveServers and SystemInfo.

Step 4: Edit Client Registry

Each client must now be updated to reflect the new Archive Server name.  Edit the registry key


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