How to Redefine Base Point of a Block In ARES Commander

How to Redefine Base Point of a Block In ARES Commander
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ARES Commander allows you to Redefine Base Point of a Block by changing the insertion point of a block without the need to edit it, through the REDEFINEBASEPOINT command. Let’s see how it works. In this slit, we want to add a BOLT. For this, we use the INSERT BLOCK command. We select the “bolt” we have created and we choose that the position is determined directly in the drawing.

After pressing OK, we are ready to insert the block. However, the insertion point is located in a place on the bolt that does not correspond to the references we have in the drawing. We would have to place it in a known place, for example, and then move it to the correct position.

In this case, it is a single bolt. But if the mechanical part has several bolts, that small mishap would imply a more tedious work and lead to errors. Therefore, the best thing, in this case, is to change the insertion point of the block so that it is located, for example, in the center of the inner end.

We use the REDEFINEBASEPOINT command. We select the block and indicate the new insertion point we want. Now, we reinsert the “BOLT” block, to discover that the insertion point has been modified not only in the already drawn screw but directly in the information of the block.

Thus, we have modified the block without the need to edit it. For them, we can check that all the blocks in the drawing now show their new insertion point, without affecting their original position. A very important fact. On the other hand, do not forget that ARES Commander, offers many tools to edit and work with BLOCKS that we will find in the Xtratools tab: How to scale blocks, replace blocks, modify their references, etc.

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