How to Add Classic Workspace in AutoCAD 2015 – By Jaiprakash Pandey, SourceCAD

How to Add Classic Workspace in AutoCAD 2015 – By Jaiprakash Pandey, SourceCAD

If you installed shiny new AutoCAD 2015 and are looking for AutoCAD classic workspace then you might get disappointed because Autodesk removed AutoCAD classic workspace from its latest release but don’t loose heart you can always bring it back in AutoCAD 2015 without much hassle. I explained two basic methods of Importing and adding AutoCAD classic workspace in AutoCAD 2015 and there is a video as well explaining the workaround which you might want to check if you are not in a mood to read long lines here!

Customize Drafting and annotation workspace
You can use Quick action tool-bar to customize AutoCAD drawing area in a AutoCAD  classic look alike view, The tool-bars already exist in AutoCAD but they are hidden you can turn toolbar on and ribbon view off at the same time to give it AutoCAD classic workspace look, let’s start it with turning on menu bar
  • Go to Customize Quick access toolbar and select show menu bar from drop down menu see image below for reference.


  • The menu bar will appear above ribbons, now selectTools>Palettes>Ribbon as soon as you make the selection the ribbon hides from current view.
  • Now you need to add required toolbars to your drawing window for that go to Tools>Toolbar>AutoCAD>and add toolbars of your choice.
  • For example suppose I want to add Layers, Dimensions, Draw and Modify toolbars then I need to turn on all those toolbars one by one, to locate toolbars menu take reference of image below.


Import your workspace from previous AutoCAD version
Go to the previous version of your AutoCAD and open drafting and annotation workspace, I am using AutoCAD 2013 to explain this topic.
  • In the Manage ribbon and customization panel select User interface icon and select transfer tab from customize user interface window
  • Select acad.cuix from main customization file drop down menu if not selected already refer image below and select save as from drop down menu, pick a name in this case I am using “my workspace” as name of .cuix file and save it on desktop(or other preferred location).


  • Now go to AutoCAD 2015 window and select Manage ribbon> customization panel> User interface> transfer tab
  • Select open customization file icon under customizations in new file option on right and locate .cuix file you saved from earlier version of AutoCAD(in this case from AutoCAD 2013) and click on open.
  • Once opened you will find all workspaces including AutoCAD classic workspace in the workspaces tree on right
  • Drag and drop AutoCAD classic workspace from right of window in the customization in main new file to left in the workspace tree under customization in main file, refer image below.


  • Click on save if prompted and click ok to close the window, congratulations you have added AutoCAD classic workspace in AutoCAD 2015.

Thanks to Jaiprakash Pandey, SourceCAD for the Guest Post.

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