Hexagon-Bricsys to Launch BricsCAD V19 on November 12, 2018

Hexagon-Bricsys to Launch BricsCAD V19 on November 12, 2018


bricscadCome Monday, November 12th, 2018, and BricsCAD V19 will be available for public download. This is the first major release of BricsCAD after Hexagon acquired Bricsys.

With V19, comes a modest price increase for most flavors of BricsCAD and a slightly higher price increase for the BIM and Mechanical modules.

If you are reading this post today, the day of posting, you probably have less than 36 hours to decide and book your copy of BricsCAD at the V18 prices. Reach out now to us if you still want to close deals at the old price that we have already quoted to you.

Our main commercial goal for 2019 is to standardize and simplify our offering of BricsCAD software.

Staring from BricsCAD V19, we are focusing on end-to-end solutions for AEC/BIM and Mechanical customers. Here are our new product offerings for 2019.

The BricsCAD product family will include six(6) products

  • BricsCAD Classic (primarily 2D, with 3D Surface modeling + Lisp)
  • BricsCAD Pro (3D modeling)
  • BricsCAD Platinum (Advanced 3D modeling, assemblies, parts libraries)
  • BricsCAD BIM (is Platinum + the BIM module)
  • BricsCAD Mechanical (is Platinum + Sheet Metal module)
  • Communicator for BricsCAD (works with Pro and Platinum)

Each Product will be activated by a single license key

This will make it easier for our customers to buy and use BricsCAD, and make it easier to administer and maintain All-In Maintenance entitlements.
All BricsCAD Products will be ‘All-language’ products

All-language products are a big deal in terms of our simplification efforts for you, the user. There will still be language-specific versions of BricsCAD with separate downloads, but all activation-keys will be “All-language” meaning that you can buy BricsCAD and be able to use it on ANY language of the same version of BricsCAD. This may not mean much to some users, but if you are in the business of working with international customers, who may be using a foreign language version of BricsCAD, you now have the ability to run the same versions as your clients do and check things out as they see it. A significant advantage for those who need it the most.

BricsCAD can choose their platform and product language with a single license key.

All-In Maintenance will be our Preferred deal for you / Price set @ 30% of initial cost

Buying a subscription a.k.a All-In Maintenance a.k.a AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) – in India and some countries is like having an insurance. It does cost a little now, but you in the long run in terms of maintenance/upgrade costs and the ability to have access to latest tools. We strongly recommend new users to buy BricsCAD with All-In Maintenance.

Another major change is in the pricing strategy of the yearly maintenance. It is now set @ 30% of the full price. This makes the price of All-In Maintenance price of Classic cheaper, Pro remains the same, and that of Platinum will increase by some amount.

Product Upgrades now require All-In Maintenance compulsorily

Until now, you could upgrade from one version to another without having to buy an All-In subscription. This is chaging. You will now need to buy All-In Maintenance along with your upgrade purchase. In other words, we want to drive home the message to our users that having an All-In Maintenance all along is the cheapest and most effective way to enjoy BricsCAD. You not only get the best monetary deal, pay systematically in an planned yearly manner, and always have access to the latest features. Wait! Don’t mis-understand us. BricsCAD is still perpetual license and what we advise you is only a strong suggestion. It is not mandatory.

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