GstarCAD8 64-bit Version Released

GstarCAD8 64-bit Version Released
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July 7, 2014: China - On July 3rd 2014, Gstarsoft has launched a new GstarCAD8 patch version highlighted by the new 64-bit architecture support, which means the more data that can be processed at once, the faster the system can operate. There are several other advantages to a 64-bit system as well, most practically the ability to use significantly greater amounts of physical memory.

The GstarCAD8 for 32-bit version could only have 2G memory. Sometimes some large drawings could not be opened without enough memory. This patch version supplies the 64-bit version which could distribute and use significantly greater amounts of physical memory. Users could open and operate large drawings by this version.

GstarCAD8 64-bit package is separate from its 32-bit counterpart, all the features are same .users may choose to install 64 bit version of GstarCAD8 software on 64 bit operating system. Those version also Support for .dwg 2013 (used by AutoCAD 2014&2015) .

In this patch version also has been added new functions related to annotative objects as well as important options within FIELD command and new custom hatch patterns and Linetypes. About improvements, it has mainly modified some important defects about CUI, FIND, Dimension, PLOT and so other commands. Accuracy and stability are guaranteed in this patch version.


About GstarCAD8:
GstarCAD8 adopts a brand new software engine and innovative technologies, such as: Smart Graphic Partition, Categorized Memory Storage Management and Self-adaptive Data Model enhanced the mechanism of dispatching order to improve the performance greatly. It has surpassed all the previous versions and other similar CAD software.

In GstarCAD8, modular software architecture was used, where any unexpected problems that may lead to system crashes can be easily identified and fixed, thus there is a substantial improvement on quick technical support service for users’ feedbacks. Furthermore, GstarCAD8 adopts many other creative technologies to improve the performance, stability, compatibility and so on.

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