GRAITEC Releases Advance Design v2021.1

GRAITEC Releases Advance Design v2021.1
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PARIS, France, Nov 10, 2020 - GRAITEC, an international BIM, Fabrication and Design software developer for AEC, and Autodesk Platinum Partner across Europe, is delighted to announce that Advance Design 2021.1 Update, part of the Graitec Advance suite, has been released.




Advance Design 2021.1 Update is enhanced with new functionalities and improvements with high benefits for the end-user. It is articulated around a few main subjects:

  1.   Modelling and workflow enhancements
  2.   New options and improvements to the Steel design
  3.   New options and improvements to the Concrete design
  4.   Improvements to concrete and steel Design modules (previously known as BIM Designers modules)

Among many new functionalities and improvements, we would like to highlight:

  1.  Exchange of load combination definitions with Excel   allows easy management of load combination definitions by using new Export and Import
  2.  Improvements to the transfer of loads to Design modules   allows easy transfer of the list of definitions of load combinations to design modules.
  3.  Increased performance of Design modules   significant increase in work comfort, especially thanks to the substantial reducing the time of generation of drawings.
  4.  RC calculations for concrete beams defined as super elements   allow the design of multiple span beams having different height and support widths as a single element.
  5.  Interactive drawings for steel connections   easy and full control over the content of the drawing thanks to the ability to freely compose drawings, easy modification of the location of drawing components, and scale for views.

Update 1 to Advance Design 2021 also comes with many other improvements and adjustments following the feedback received from thousands of users worldwide.  It brings also a big number of corrections of known problems and also includes all the fixes and improvements made with the previously released Hotfix 1 (2021.0.1) and Hotfix 2 (2021.0.2).

We are inviting you to take a quick look at the selected improvements brought to the Advance Design 2021.1 Update.

Modelling and workflow enhancements

Advance Design 2021.1 comes with several new features and improvements dedicated to the modelling and workflow.

Exchange of load combination definitions with Excel

Thanks to new Export to Excel and Import from Excel commands we can easily manage load combination definitions by using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Pushover: Displaying a report with status only for selected plastic hinges

When analyzing the results of the pushover analysis by using report tables with the status of plastic hinges, the content of these tables is now filtered to the current selection of elements in the model. It greatly facilitates viewing the results, as we can focus on the statuses of plastic hinges from selected elements only.

Simultaneous creation of holes for many surface elements

When creating holes in surface elements, it is now possible to create a hole in multiple elements simultaneously on the basis of a polyline cutting through several contours.

Shortcut to the Section Editor directly on the ribbon

To facilitate and speed up the opening of the module for creating and editing cross-sections, an icon with the command to open the module directly has been added to the Manager ribbon.

Thickness in tooltips

The Thickness property has been added to the list of available attributes to be selected for the content of tooltips.

System names on the color legend

When displaying a color legend for elements colored by systems, in addition to system ID the name of systems is now displayed. It greatly facilitates the identification and improves the quality of the created documentation.

Improvements to the transfer of loads to Design modules

To improve the transfer of load-related information when transferring data from the Advance Design model to the design modules, new options have been added to easily transfer the list of self-created or modified definitions of load combinations to design modules.

New possibilities for Steel Design

Advance Design 2021.1 comes with several new powerful features dedicated to the design of steel structures.

The new version of the Canadian code for the steel design – CSA S16-19

Since version AD 2021.1 it is possible to perform design calculations of steel linear elements using the current version of the Canadian CSA standard: CSA S16-19.

Update of the Canadian CISC 11 steel section database

Steel profiles from the CISC 11 catalogue (the 11th CISC handbook) have been updated. The changes mainly concerned with changes in naming, adding missing profiles to catalogues and slight changes in the values of the characteristics for a few selected profiles.

Improvements to displaying results of the steel design

A number of improving changes have been made to the presentation of design results of steel elements (according to Eurocode 3) in the Shape Sheet window and related reports. These changes increase the readability of the results as well as allow for a more detailed verification of the results. The most important of these are:

  1. Uniform rules for the presentation of results for individual strength checks.
  2. The cross-section class is now displayed for each check separately, determined on the point where the check was done.
  3. Replacing the oblique bending check by bending with an axial force, bending with shear forces, and biaxial bending checks.

Imperfections on steel columns defined as superelement

Steel columns defined as superelements can be used for the automatic generation of imperfections (according to Eurocode 3). During the generation of forces, the user can decide whether to consider the elements that intersect the superelement.

Improvement in the creation of generic steel joints

To facilitate and speed up the definition of generic joints for steel elements, the command to create them based on the current selection of steel elements has been added. A new command is available on the right-click menu and creates a single connection for steel elements that are in contact at the same point.

New possibilities for Concrete Design

Advance Design 2021.1 also comes with several improvements dedicated to the design of Reinforced Concrete structures.

The new version of the Canadian code for the concrete design – CSA 23.3-19.

With the Advance Design 2021.1 Update it is possible to perform dimensioning calculations of concrete linear and planar elements using the current version of the Canadian CSA standard: CSA 23.3-19.

Superelement for RC beams

The super element concept is now applied to the concrete linear elements for the reinforcement design according to Eurocode. This gives a possibility for the design of multiple span beams having different height and support widths as a single element.

Extension of the list of rebar diameters for Poland

In order to enable the calculation of the real reinforcement with the use of reinforcement diameters used on the Polish market, new diameters (18, 22, 28, and 35) have been added to the list of reinforcement bar diameters available on the reinforcement settings window. This change is available for projects having the localization set to Poland.

Improvements to Design modules

In the latest version of the Advance Design, many improvements have been introduced to the Design modules.

Unification of brand names

In the current 2021.1 version, further changes have been made to unify Graitec software brand names. Accordingly, the design modules previously named Advance BIM Designers are now called as design modules of Advance Design.

Speed improvement

One of the most important changes introduced with this update of design modules is the increase in performance. Thanks to optimization in many areas, there are significantly reduced times of starting modules, loading projects, calculations and, above all, generation of drawings.

Improvements to the info panel

The info panel content for the RC modules has been supplemented with additional types of results, including: minimal reinforcement areas for beams, more details for top longitudinal reinforcement on beams, buckling information for columns and punching verification for foundations.

Slovakia localization

The Slovakia localization is now available for design modules, which allows for running the design calculations according to Slovak appendixes to Eurocode.

The new layout of the Reinforcement Assumption dialog windows

The layout of the Reinforcement Assumption dialog windows has been updated for the RC Column, RC Wall and Footing modules. As with most other windows with a new layout (tree menu on the left, parameter fields in the central part, and explanatory drawings on the right), the definition and change of parameters are much easier and faster.

Improvements to views

A number of improvements have been made to the graphical presentation of the RC views, including a possibility for hiding a formwork from 3D views, a possibility for changing a render mode, a possibility for filtering of the displayed loads and a new mechanism for displaying loads on RC beams.

Interactive drawings for steel connections

Drawings generated by the Steel Connection module are now managed by the interactive drawing mechanism, similar to other RC modules. Thank to this the user has control over the composition and all drawing elements.

Double Angle section for diagonals for Gusset Joints

The 2021.1 update of Advance Design Steel Connection offers a new configuration for the Gusset Joint – the double angle section for one, two or three diagonals

A full list of improvements and novelties provided with the Advance Design 2021.1 Update can be found in two dedicated documents: What’s New in Advance Design 2021.1 and What’s New in Design modules of Advance Design 2021.1(available soon).

The 2021.1 release can be downloaded from here.


Founded in 1986, GRAITEC is an international group (13 countries worldwide – 48 offices) helping construction and manufacturing professionals achieving successfully their digital transformation by providing BIM and Industry 4.0 software and consultancy. Graitec is a developer of high-performance BIM applications as well as an Autodesk Platinum Partner in Europe and Gold Autodesk Partner in North America and Russia. With more than 550 employees including 200 BIM consultants, GRAITEC is an innovation focused company whose products are used by more than 100,000 construction professionals worldwide. For more information, please visit

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