GeoTools V 18.19 Steps Up The Ante Again: Adds Contour Generation And 3D Section Offsetting Tools

GeoTools V 18.19 Steps Up The Ante Again: Adds Contour Generation And 3D Section Offsetting Tools

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** New command added: : GT_CONTOURBUILDER (Menu: GeoTools -> Civil Tools -> Create contours from TIN model):

Easily specify your contour creation parameters and draw them from your DTM data


GeoTools continues with its expansion of Civil and Survey tools. In this update, we added a full-featured contour generation tool. The GT_CONTOURBUILDER command (under Civil Tools) now creates contours with a specified contour interval and between two specified lower and upper elevation ranges. The GT_CONTOURBUILDER command needs an underlying DTM (comprising of 3dfaces or 3d polylines) as input from which the contours are drawn using a process of interpolation per TIN triangle.

You can also automatically place the contours in layers designated with a prefix and a elevation indicator name or all in a single layer.


The output of GT_CONTOURBUILDER command

In other output options, you can represent contours as raw computed polylines or as splined ones. Further, there is also an option to re-convert the splined polylines as normal linear polylines (by visual interpolation).

The minimum and maximum values encountered in the selection of 3d data is set as default during the next run of the command.

** New command added: GT_3DOFFSETSECTION: (GeoTools -> Build -> Offset 3d polylines along section):

Sweep your cross-sections across a path using this command

The GT_3DOFFSETSECTION command is an extension of the GT_3DOFFSET and GT_3DOFFSETSLOPE commands and is used to sweep a 2d cross section across a 2d or 3d polyline and create a three dimensional model. This command is well suited to model an irrigation channel, a roadway, a section-defined conduit (like a duct), an metal or concrete extrusion, a 3d pathway inside an under-ground mine or similar.

The GT_3DOFFSETSECTION command uses a reference point (anchor point) along the 2d section and determines the exact offset location in relation to the center line (the 3d sweep path). The cross-section is then built in 3d along the swept path and a detailed 3d DTM of 3dfaces can be optionally created.

This command has multiple uses in applications as diverse as mining, surveying, road design and architectural or structural modeling.


A simple cross-section profile extruded along a horizontal alignment

The GT_3DOFFSETSECTION command works on the principle of a simple extrusion of a 2d profile across a 3d path. The 2d profile may be a closed or open figure, and most likely a polyline.

Normal CAD extrusions create a solid or surface but this command creates a network of lines and polylines that can be useful in design parameter calculations.

The 3d path may actually be 3d or simply a 2d line or polyline. Use your imagination to figure out where you can apply this command. The inspiration for this command comes from mining and road design clients of ours but the applicability of this command goes much beyond.

We see you being able to use this in architectural and BIM designs. Give it a spin and tell us how and why you liked
it (or not).

** New command added: GT_3DOFFSETSLOPE (GeoTools -> Build -> Offset 3d polylines by slope):

The GT_3DOFFSETSLOPE command is a simplified version of the GT_3DOFFSETSECTION command that simply offsets the center line polyline on one or both sides based on a slope (which is expressed either in degrees or in 1:n style). This command simply creates the two offset polylines in 3D but does not join points or create DTM etc.


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