GeoTools-CADPower V18 is Shipping Now! (V 18.01 update)

GeoTools-CADPower V18 is Shipping Now! (V 18.01 update)
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V18 starts with a big leap in geological and mining tools

It is that time of the year when, many years back, we used to wait eagerly for the next numbered major release of AutoCAD software! We still do, not because AutoCAD has something new to offer in its release, but because it is also the time we up-shift GeoTools and CADPower software to the next numbered release of AutoCAD. The timing is relevant only to the extent that our AutoCAD subscription clients find it useful to upgrade to the new GeoTools-CADPower along with AutoCAD. For the rest, it is only a matter of upgrading GeoTools while still using an older AutoCAD.

V18 of GeoTools & CADPower continues to maintain compatibility with AutoCAD versions 2018, all the way down until 2007. And that is an incredible 11 versions of AutoCAD, and of course, 4 versions of BricsCAD as well.

We present V 18.0 release and 18.01 update of GeoTools & CADPower, and all that is new in this release so far.

Strengthening the Mining, Geology & Civil tools continues to dominate our priorities and focus in GeoTools development. This will remain one of our thrust areas in the V18 life-cycle as well.

Remember that the mining tools are evolving with each update of GeoTools. Rather than wait until the most complete version is ready, usable chunks of the software with each minor update will be released.


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