Flow Science Releases FLOW-3D CAST v5 for Metal Casting Simulation

Flow Science Releases FLOW-3D CAST v5 for Metal Casting Simulation

SANTA FE, NM, USA, Feb 26, 2018 – Flow Science, Inc. has announced a major release of their metal casting simulation software, FLOW-3D CAST version 5.0. FLOW-3D CAST’s new tools for predicting casting defects provide insights that shorten design cycles and reduce cost. Featured developments include thermal modulus and hot spot identification output for solidification simulations, filling defect tools for identifying trapped gases and predicting venting efficiency, and faster and more robust pressure and stress solvers.




The ALL NEW FLOW-3D CAST v5 comes in Suites, including Permanent Mold, High Pressure Die Casting, Low Pressure Sand Casting and Lost Foam. Within each Suite, FLOW-3D CAST’s process-based workspaces substantially simplify simulation setup by allowing metal casters to choose the process they want to simulate. The software will then provide the appropriate process parameters, geometry types, and industry defaults.

The release of FLOW-3D CAST v5 puts the power of the industry’s most accurate casting simulation tool into the hands of everyday users. Our new defect prediction tools, coupled with a more robust simulation engine, a redesigned What-You-See-Is-What-You-Need (WYSIWYN) interface, and porosity analysis tool, make simulation a reality for every casting project, said John Ditter, VP of Software Engineering.




A live webinar will present the new models, features and design workflows of FLOW-3D CAST v5. The webinar will take place on March 14 at 1:00 pm EST. To register online, click here.

To know more about the improvements in new version 5 release, click here.

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