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FARO® Releases the VantageE, Laser Tracker

FARO® Releases the VantageE, Laser Tracker
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Rugby, UK, October 18, 2016 – FARO® (NASDAQ:FARO), the world’s most trusted source for 3D measurement and imaging solutions for factory metrology, product design, construction BIM/CIM, public safety forensics and 3D solutions and services applications, announces the launch of a new addition to its Vantage Laser Tracker product line.  The new Vantage includes well-proven features and capabilities such as high-speed dynamic measurement, and is affordably priced for customers who demand high performance while working with short-to-medium range applications.

The FARO Vantage Laser Tracker is ideally suited for customers who do not require the extended measurement range that is provided by the premium Vantage solution but still demand the trusted and robust features the Vantage platform provides. This release provides customers with increased flexibility in terms of capability and pricing, dependent on their application-specific demands.


The new Vantage Laser Tracker has a range of up to 25 meters through FARO’s patented, fifth-generation TruADM (Absolute Distance Meter) technology, which enables fully-dynamic measurement capabilities.  Vantage Trackers are able to continuously scan and take measurements while a spherical optical probe is tracked across the surface of the part, object or assembly.  If the laser beam is interrupted at any time while the probe is being moved, the user can simply and instantly reacquire the beam and continue measuring.

The Vantage provides full support for FARO’s patented Super 6DoF (Degrees of Freedom) TrackArm solution, which enables a Vantage Tracker and one or more FARO ScanArms to work together to create an integrated 3D measurement system.  Super 6DoF completely eliminates line-of sight challenges and significantly expands measurement range while maintaining superior accuracy.

“A number of our factory metrology customers have expressed the need for a more affordable, but feature-rich tracker that would meet their applications for short-to-mid distance measurement,” stated Joe Arezone, Chief Commercial Officer of FARO.  “In developing the Vantage, we quickly realized that customers would still need the accuracy of our longer-distance tracker along with the robust features that make the FARO Vantage Tracker solution ideally suited for solving real-world, everyday measurement challenges.  Additionally, the Vantage is value-priced at approximately 30% less than the premium Vantage while offering many of the same features and similar accuracy.”

The FARO Vantage Laser Tracker offers a cost-effective solution for applications such as quality inspection, tool-building, alignment, and reverse engineering.  In contrast to using traditional measurement solutions, operators are able to complete complex 3D measurement jobs much faster, reduce downtime and scrap, and most importantly, get accurate, consistent and reportable measurement data.

To learn more about the new Vantage and FARO’s additional Laser Tracker solutions, please visit http://www.faro.com/en-us/products/metrology/faro-laser-tracker/overview.

About FARO

FARO provides 3D measurement and imaging solutions for factory metrology, product design, construction BIM/CIM, public safety forensics and 3D solutions and services applications. The company develops and markets computer-aided measurement and imaging devices and software. Technology from FARO permits high-precision 3D measurement, imaging and comparison of parts and complex structures within production and quality assurance processes. The devices are used for inspecting components and assemblies, rapid prototyping, documenting large volume spaces or structures in 3D, surveying and construction, as well as for investigation and reconstruction of accident sites or crime scenes.

FARO’s global headquarters are located in Lake Mary, Florida. The Company also has a technology center and manufacturing facility consisting of approximately 90,400 square feet located in Exton, Pennsylvania containing research and development, manufacturing and service operations of our FARO Laser TrackerTM and FARO Cobalt Array 3D Imager product lines. The Company’s European regional headquarters is located in Stuttgart, Germany and its Asia Pacific regional headquarters is located in Singapore. FARO has other offices in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Turkey, the Netherlands, Switzerland,India, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea, and Japan.


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