ESTECO Releases VOLTA – Web-based Collaboration Solution for Product Development

ESTECO Releases VOLTA  – Web-based Collaboration Solution for Product Development
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The new web-based, collaboration environment helps companies leverage enterprise engineering knowledge and processes on a global scale

Trieste (Italy) – February 8th 2017 | ESTECO today announced the release of VOLTA — the stateof-the art environment that takes enterprise-engineering processes to a new, collaborative dimension. With VOLTA, protecting company Intellectual Property and accelerating innovation processes now requires no efforts.

VOLTA expertly orchestrates simulation data and multidisciplinary business processes enabling conscious decision-making and innovative product development. VOLTA leads the way toward a newer, more effective approach to product development. Multidisciplinary teams will now be able to manage all cross-functional, concurrent design steps by integrating multiple modeling formats and capturing the interactive and incremental continuous innovation process. With its service-oriented architecture, VOLTA facilitates the sharing and reuse of enterprise engineering knowledge and provides all innovation process stakeholders with a solid environment for distributed execution and access to key design data and performance indicators.

“In order to shift to agile product development, innovative companies require comprehensive solutions that help them orchestrate design data generated across globally-dislocated teams that collaborate on simulation and optimization projects. As the role of integrators becomes essential in the global value chains, ESTECO technology helps engineering departments create a reliable, protected virtual prototyping process where organizations co-operate seamlessly in designing new products”, says Carlo Poloni, President of ESTECO.

Collaborative, Agile: Optimization-driven Design

Over the years, ESTECO has gained an in-depth understanding of engineering workflows and procedures by working closely with its customers. This knowledge propelled the evolution of ESTECO technology toward a comprehensive environment for integrated management of simulation process and data – SOMO (Service Oriented Multidisciplinary Orchestration).

“ESTECO has now moved one step further with the next generation of its enterprise platform, renamed from SOMO to VOLTA.” explains Matteo Nicolich, Product Manager of ESTECO Enterprise Solutions. “VOLTA embraces this experience and provides an environment tailored for digital model generation and detailed analysis that actively supports organizations in the adoption of a formal optimization-driven design approach, tightly connected to existing PLM systems”

By mapping the set of possible design solutions and enabling interactive, multi-user cycles of trade-off analysis, VOLTA expands the benefits of simulation across the process, ensuring its impact from the early stages of design, down to validation and failure prediction. This results in a double advantage. With shared access to key design information, design teams ensure early and continuous delivery, reducing physical document exchanges and incrementally enhancing designs. On top of that, VOLTA provides an information structure that helps organizations manage engineering data related to product digital twins, resulting in quicker reactions to changes in scenarios or requirements and consequently reducing time to market.

Engineering Data Management & Intelligence

“Complex product and systems development requires expertise, simulation data and design IP archives to be readily available and tailored to each stakeholder. VOLTA ensures that all this information is captured and codified to build tailored design performance metrics for advanced analytics and informed decision-making,” continues Nicolich.

VOLTA keeps teams on track by allowing them to concurrently compare, validate and decide on design scenarios. Leveraging work-in-progress models and aggregating product data and engineering information is now effortless with the new web-based platform, delivering full data traceability and airtight security. Key engineering information is no longer displaced, it is always available to the right people, with consistent reference to higher-level enterprise processes.

Webinar Series

To introduce the new generation of ESTECO Enterprise Solutions – VOLTA. ESTECO has announced a dedicated webinar series starting on February 23rd.

Matteo Nicolich, Product Manager of ESTECO Enterprise Solutions, will introduce VOLTA key concepts, provide an overview of the environment and insights on exploiting enterprise engineering data and managing the entire simulation process.

February 23rd | Introducing VOLTA Part 1 | Focus on Collaboration March 9th | Introducing VOLTA Part 2 | Focus on Democratization Read more at:


ESTECO is an independent technology provider delivering first-class software solutions aimed at perfecting the simulation-driven design process. With more than 15 years’ experience, the company supports leading organizations in designing the products of the future, today. ESTECO smart engineering suite brings enterprise-wide solutions for design optimization, simulation data management and process integration and automation with the aim of helping companies excel across this innovation journey and accomplish the shift to agile product development. Over 300 international organizations – including Cummins, Embraer, FIAT, Ford Motor Company, JLR, Honda, Toyota, Whirlpool, VOLVO – have chosen ESTECO to consolidate specialized expertise, streamline teamwork and boost product development across a wide spectrum of industrial sectors. Founded in 1999, the company is headquartered in Trieste (Italy), with offices in Michigan (USA), Pune (India) and an international network of channel partners.

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