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EPLAN Smart Wiring 2.8 to be Unveiled at SPS IPC Drives in Germany

EPLAN Smart Wiring 2.8 to be Unveiled at SPS IPC Drives in Germany
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MONHEIM, Germany, Sep 19, 2018 - EPLAN, the solution provider, is introducing upcoming EPLAN Smart Wiring, Version 2.8 at the SPS IPC Drives at Nuremberg Exhibition Centre, Nuremberg, Germany. Three key new features have been realized in the innovative software for wiring in control cabinet and plant engineering: the possibility of dividing into subprojects, a new test mode to support manufacturing, and more transparency using the software.


sw2The new test mode supports ensures more certainty in the final control cabinet verification


The new version of EPLAN Smart Wiring improves the process of wiring control cabinets even more. One key new feature – with an emphasis on increased collaborative engineering – is the possibility of dividing a project into subprojects. Normally several people are involved when working on larger control cabinet lineups. In order to split the project into separate jobs, subprojects can now be filtered – for instance, the view of just one cabinet amongst five adjoining ones or a particular mounting plate. With this new design approach, subsuppliers can be ideally integrated into the digital workflow. This allows teams to collaborate perfectly with each other and everyone has access to the exact data they need.

Visualising daisy chains

If two wires lead to one connecting point, wiring technicians usually work with a dual sleeve, and these connecting points now must be clearly identified in the system. Version 2.8 makes this child’s play with the new color markings for daisy chains. And there’s yet another decisive practical advantage: if the wiring specialist takes a look at the schematic, he can directly get to the relevant electrical documentation using a cross-page jump function. The appropriate schematic information has been newly integrated into EPLAN Smart Wiring, Version 2.8. Now the specialist no longer has to inquire about it, thereby ensuring quality according to the dual-control principle.


sw3It is possible to reference the schematic at any time starting from a connection – providing security in design


Everything at a glance: better graphics handling

The next core functionality amongst the new features is better graphics handling due to the expanded user interface in Version 2.8, which provides greater latitude when dealing with graphical data. For instance: the designer just has to click a button if he wants to work on the control cabinet from a side and rear view. These so-called 90-degree quick turns in EPLAN Smart Wiring make this working procedure faster, easier and more exact. The viewing angle can also be set as a default, accelerating working processes even further. Another innovation also ensures better overall views: components installed in the control cabinet that obstruct the view of the correct wiring can be switched to transparent. Software users now have an unobstructed view of all the connections – naturally all in 3D mode.

Device-oriented wiring has also been noticeably improved: users can now select individual devices in the graphic, such as contractors or fuses, and the associated connection lists will only show the relevant connections. This provides a crystal-clear overview for the subsequent wiring. It almost goes without saying that Windows driver software supports all common label printers.


sw1EPLAN Smart Wiring, Version 2.8 supports users with graphics component selection for device-oriented wiring


Test mode dispenses with surprises

Last but not least, a new test mode ensures more certainty in the final control cabinet verification. Every connection for the actual control cabinet that has been tested is colored, like a traffic light. The system then issues a test report at the end that provides detailed information about which connections are correct and which potentially must be reworked. These are all additional steps to greater assurance and optimal progress in working processes.

For more information, visit https://www.eplan.co.uk.

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