EPLAN Pro Panel v2.8 to be Unveiled at SPS IPC Drives in Germany

EPLAN Pro Panel v2.8 to be Unveiled at SPS IPC Drives in Germany
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MONHEIM and NUREMBERG, Germany, Oct 30, 2018 – The new EPLAN Pro Panel, Version 2.8 is making its first big appearance at the SPS IPC Drives. The software for virtual 3D control cabinet engineering is characterized by its expanded flexibility, surprising users with a brand new 4K-capable user interface. It’s also causing decision-makers to sit up and take notice: during live, joint presentations in Nuremberg, EPLAN and Rittal will be introducing a whole series of innovations in the context of control cabinet engineering. These include complementary software solutions for engineering and preplanning operations, innovative system technology for housings, power distribution and climate-control systems, automation technologies, and digital assistance systems for integrated automation of manufacturing processes. EPLAN and Rittal are thereby positioning themselves as solutions providers offering integrated solutions for optimizing processes in control cabinet engineering: combined machine/hardware and software solutions, product-accompanying data, and comprehensive on-site process integration services for customers.



csm_32804_c92b74a7fdIntegrated design – from the schematic to the fully developed Rittal VX25 control cabinet system


Switching out components? No problem…

The new version of the EPLAN Pro Panel software is also completely geared to “processes”. Existing 3D control cabinet configurations often must be changed – whether it be due to a lack of space or to different cabinet specifications, for example, a door is hinged on the right instead of the left. The new “Switch device” function supports users for switching out previously placed components. What’s even better: the system retains all NC-relevant references. Macro variants can simply be chosen and saved in the 3D macro master data. The same holds true for mounting surfaces: complex equipment layouts can easily be assigned to a different mounting surface here, too. This means a complete 3D mounting layout can quickly and easily be integrated into another design environment.

System change made easy

Rittal recently introduced the new VX25 large enclosure system, so companies that have been using Rittal TS 8 enclosures are faced with the challenge of migrating their existing projects. Fortunately, EPLAN Pro Panel Professional, Version 2.8 offers flawless migration support. How does it work? The contents of a project, 3D assembly space or individual cabinet are analyzed with software support. If the system determines that components for the VX25 migration are missing, they are summarised in a purchasing list and integrated into EPLAN parts management through the EPLAN Data Portal shopping cart.

Systematic migration

If all the items are present, the system undertakes the migration automatically. TS 8 items are switched out with VX25 items. The software takes into account existing references between positioned equipment and assembly levels. The same holds true for NC-relevant information such as routing path networks for wiring. Interactive functions such as test cycles and spacing corrections for lineups complement the new range of performance for Version 2.8.

For more information, visit https://www.eplan.co.uk.

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