Envenio Launches EXN/Aero CFD Onboarding Program

Envenio Launches EXN/Aero CFD Onboarding Program
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FREDERICTON, NB, Canada, Dec 5, 2017 – Envenio has unveiled its new Onboarding Program, which aims to help engineers get up and running more quickly with EXN/Aero. The program gives engineers the chance to work closely with a member of the engineering team to mesh, set up, simulate, and post-process results. This additional training will help engineers to get the most out of the platform.

The Onboarding Program includes up to 20 hours with a member of the Envenio team during a period of 30 days, with engineers benefiting from exclusive training on the platform to easily perform and improve their simulations. The aim of the program is to ensure users of EXN/Aero are adequately trained on the platform to easily repeat simulations and use the solution for other projects. The Envenio team will help users to properly setup and launch simulations and ensure a successful run.

The program will be particularly useful for those who have never used CFD before and also benefit those engineering teams transitioning or supplementing their existing solutions with EXN/Aero. Likewise, the program is also expected to prove popular among those engineers using mainly steady-state simulation and looking to start using unsteady techniques including URANS, LES and DES.

Each program will be catered specifically to meet the individual needs of the user and will include any or all of the following:

  1. Meshing: Generating a mesh and naming boundary conditions and any particular parameters.
  2. Simulation Setup: Setting up inlets and outlets, turbulence settings, setting up monitor points, and solver settings.
  3. Simulating: Initializing the run, monitoring progress, and reviewing residuals.
  4. Post-Processing: Analyzing the data, visualizing the simulation with cut planes, streamlines, and animations.
  5. General Support: File transfers, automated scripts, geometry refinement, connecting via VNC.

“We are excited to launch the Onboarding Program and think it will prove extremely useful in a number of scenarios” explains Envenio VP, Scott Walton.

“The goal of the program is to ultimately improve overall engineering productivity for those using the platform, and to provide valuable hands-on training to get engineers quickly up and running. Even though the learning curve for our platform is quite minimal, engineers are very busy, and this guarantees that you’ll be up and running with your simulation in little time” he adds.

The program costs $2,500 for the 30-day period. To find out more or enroll, click here.

To know more about Envenio’s EXN/Aero, visit http://envenio.com/exnaero.

About Envenio 

Envenio develops cost-effective, efficient Computational Fluid Dynamics solutions for industrial users and CFD service providers. Enabling users to participate in the underdeveloped high-end simulation space and to undertake high-value projects that were not previously feasible, the Fredericton-based company developed HPC cloud-hosted CFD tool, EXN/Aero. Combining a powerful CFD meshing tool and solver with the ability to access it on the cloud and the ability to pay only for what you use, enables engineering consultants and organizations to grow, and better manage cash-flow, reacting to the needs of the CFD community. For more information, visit http://envenio.com.

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