Elysium Announces InfiPoints v4.1 for Engineering Point Cloud Utilization

Elysium Announces InfiPoints v4.1 for Engineering Point Cloud Utilization
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HAMAMATSU, Japan, Feb 1, 2018 – Elysium, a global leading provider of point cloud solutions, announces a version-up release, InfiPoints Ver.4.1, addressing the two key factors to escalate the utilization of 3D scanned point cloud data in engineering fields. Interoperability with scanners as well as software solutions aid in engineering processes, specifically in building and facility maintenance and renovation work. The advanced outputs work to enrich communication among related people.

Release Highlights

  1. An intensive enhancement on modeling capability to allow modeling duct elements in InfiPoints.
  2. A new capability to collaborate with HMD (head mounted display), Oculus Rift.




InfiPoints is designed to enhance your seamless point cloud utilization in engineering. Key features include high performance viewing of laser scanned point cloud data without a limit on the data size, automatic noise removal, virtual simulation using point cloud, polygon, CAD models, and more. One of its differentiators is the capability to auto-recognize the feature shapes (planes and cylinders) in point cloud data, which allows easy and efficient modeling based on extracted planes and cylinders.

In Ver.4.1, a toolset for duct modeling has been added to complete the modeling functionalities. Duct systems often run avoiding the building structure, lighting, etc., so that, compared to piping systems and the steel structure, duct parts are often customized in size and shape to fit in the actual environment. This means that modeling a duct system is not as simple as inserting pre-defined standard parts. In other words, modeling based on the captured reality is an effective and efficient method for such. In InfiPoints, users can quickly model duct parts–create straight ducts by selecting extracted planes, connect selected straight ducts by inserting S-curves, duct elbows or hoppers, and replace created parts by standard parts. Users can also easily adjust the size and location, e.g., reduce the section size for the insulation thickness.

Those modeled elements can then be exported in multiple CAD formats including IFC format, an ISO standard neutral format invented to facilitate interoperability in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry. IFC format is as well a commonly used collaboration format in Building Information Modeling (BIM) based projects. In IFC export, parametric information such as length and diameters is maintained, which allows further editing in equipment and architecture CAD systems.

Ver.4.1 also includes the following capabilities to remove obstacles that stop seamless utilization of 3D scanned data in combination with other related data:

  1. An enhancement on virtual simulation to enable collision detection between point cloud and 3D drawing file (*.dwg) as well as other CAD and polygon formats.
  2. Added support for ASTM E57, a neutral format for point cloud data.

About Elysium

Elysium has been developing and marketing interoperability solutions to the global market since 1984. With thousands of customers worldwide and millions of files translated, it has been approved that our technology is one and only. In the rapid increase of the demand to widely utilize 3D data, we provide solutions for multiple industries. We also have OEM partnerships with leading companies worldwide. Elysium currently supports data exchange between 3DEXPERIENCE, CATIA V4/V5, Creo Elements/Direct, Creo Parametric, Inventor, NX, NX I-deas, SOLIDWORKS and other multi-CAD systems. We specialize in technology that optimizes geometry such as geometry simplification, widely used by CAE users.Elysium Co. Ltd. was founded in Hamamatsu, Japan, the site of its world headquarters. Our North American headquarters is located in Detroit, MI, US and our European operations are based in Paris, France. With more than 90 employees worldwide and a network of international partners and distributors, Elysium has become the solution of choice of many world-class companies in addressing their interoperability needs. For more information, visit http://www.elysium-global.com.

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