ElectricalDesign Curves – Free Tool for Electrical Engineers

ElectricalDesign Curves – Free Tool for Electrical Engineers

The ElectricalDesign Curves free software tool enables easy and fast representation of the curves on multiple protective
devices on the same time and current scales.

Using this tool Electrical engineers can easily visualize and evaluate the tripping curves for a large number of protective devices.

Protective devices have different tripping units for different types of electrical equipment. If several protective devices are to interact effectively in a switchgear system,
it is necessary to compare their tripping characteristics in order to evaluate their selectivity for the demands of enhanced system availability. The device-specific setting features of different protective devices have to be presented and assigned to the various types of electrical equipment. This is practically impossible with printed characteristic representations in catalogues.

Daily CAD CAM readers can download it free of charge here.

See an example of characteristic tripping curves of an electrical installation here.

Vendor/Developer – TiSoft.


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