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e-Xstream’s Digimat Wins JEC Innovation Award Asia, Selected as Finalist for ACE Awards

e-Xstream’s Digimat Wins JEC Innovation Award Asia, Selected as Finalist for ACE Awards

NEWPORT BEACH, CA, USA, Oct 29, 2018 – e-Xstream engineering, an MSC Software Company has been recognized for two key industry awards. Digimat Additive Manufacturing Solution has been announced as a winner of the JEC Innovation Award in Asia, and it has been selected as the finalist at the Award of Composites Excellence (ACE) of CAMX 2018.

With solutions for materials development, process simulation, and printed part performance, Digimat Additive Manufacturing is a completely innovative solution that’s fully dedicated to reinforced plastics and composites, allowing its users to “print it right the first time”.

“We’re honored to be recognized as an industry innovator by JEC in Asia, and look forward to continuing our modeling leadership with Digimat Additive Manufacturing to help address the global industry’s need to transition from prototyping to actual manufacturing,” said Roger Assaker, Chief Executive Officer of e-Xstream.

Additive manufacturing of composite materials is transitioning from rapid prototyping to a true industrial production technique. This transition provides important benefits such as eliminating tooling costs, enabling products to be customized for niche markets or even individual customers, reducing the spare part supply chain, and allowing parts to be combined to reduce assembly costs. But this trend also brings challenges such as the need to validate new materials, new part designs and new manufacturing processes, while ensuring the mechanical properties of the final part and overcoming residual stresses and warpage to meet dimensional requirements.

Digimat Additive Manufacturing is an integrative solution that fully addresses these challenges by predicting the final distorted shape of the part and the as-printed part performance. Digimat-AM simulates the FDM and SLS processes and helps to anticipate printing issues, predicting warpage and compensating distortion. Built upon our partnerships among the AM ecosystem, the software workflow follows intuitively the real printing process, allowing non-FEA experts to take full benefit from process simulation to better understand and optimize the manufacturing settings by evaluating their effect on part warpage. Since the last release (Digimat 2018.1), a new solver delivers fully coupled thermo-mechanical simulation for more advanced analyzes and the highest accuracy, along with a crystallinity kinetics module.

Digimat further enables product designers to validate their design by predicting the printed part performance (stiffness, strength, …) as a function of the material and the printing process parameters, such as toolpath or build direction. The improved accuracy provided by Digimat simulation makes it possible to reduce weight, cost, and time-to-market while reducing material testing and prototyping requirements.

The JEC Innovation program was created in 1998 to help identity, promote, and reward the most innovative composite solutions worldwide. The selection criteria for the JEC Innovation Awards were technical excellence, exemplarity of the chain of partners, market potential, and originality. The ultimate goal is to recognize the efforts being made towards the advancement of the composite industry.

ACE Awards are presented at the CAMX events. The CAMX Award recognizes cutting-edge innovations and innovators that are shaping the future of composites and advanced materials, while the ACE Award is hosted by ACMA and is given in recognition of outstanding achievement and innovation in technology, manufacturing and product development.

About e-Xstream engineering

Founded in 2003, e-Xstream engineering, an MSC Software Company is a software and engineering services company 100% focused on the multi-scale modeling of composite materials and structures. The company helps customers, material suppliers, and material users across many industries. They aim to reduce the cost and time needed to engineer innovative materials and products using Digimat, the nonlinear multi-scale material and structure modeling platform. Since September 2012, e-Xstream engineering is a subsidiary of MSC Software Corporation. For more information, visit http://www.e-xstream.com

About MSC Software

MSC Software is one of the ten original software companies and a global leader in helping product manufacturers to advance their engineering methods with simulation software and services. As a trusted partner, MSC Software helps companies improve quality, save time, and reduce costs associated with the design and test of manufactured products. Academic institutions, researchers, and students employ MSC’s technology to expand individual knowledge as well as expand the horizon of simulation. MSC Software employs 1,400 professionals in 20 countries. For additional information about MSC Software’s products and services, please visit: www.mscsoftware.com

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