dRofus 2.0 Released for Planning, Data Management, BIM Collaboration

dRofus 2.0 Released for Planning, Data Management, BIM Collaboration

OSLO, Norway, Feb 2, 2018 – dRofus announces the global availability of a new version of its flagship software – dRofus 2.0 – with a new, modern graphical user interface, over 300+ new features and many enhancements to existing functionality.

dRofus 2.0 builds upon our highly successful planning and data management solution, used by all project stakeholders to plan, design, build and manage construction projects.

dRofus 2.0 incorporates:

  1. a ribbon-style menu with a more visual, icon-driven interface
  2. floating and dock-able panels, so users can customize their experience
  3. streamlined navigation, allowing you to do more within a single window
  4. dashboards so you can monitor project progress
  5. and many enhancements to existing functions, based on customer feedback

“We have focused heavily on improving UI/UX (User Interface and User Experience) and more closely aligning the desktop client and web interface,” says Rolf Jerving dRofus CEO. “dRofus enjoys a special relationship with our customers, where feature requests are listened to and rapidly made available within the software through our Agile and Scrum based development processes. dRofus 2.0 is a major milestone that provides us with a robust dev stack for the future and our customers with a platform that is highly customizable, scalable and optimizes their existing workflow processes.”

Many governments and organizations around the world have realized the importance of data within BIM projects, but just because you have data does not mean that it is good data, fit for purpose, accessible or reusable by others. dRofus provides a structured, trackable and collaborative environment for all stakeholders to work within resulting in better project outcomes, with fewer errors and omissions.

About dRofus

dRofus was founded in 2011 in Oslo, Norway and in December 2016 became part of the Nemetschek Group of software companies, whose aim is to deliver the best possible, most innovative and most successful AECO software solutions. With offices in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific we are a global company that provides round the clock support to our clients, and we have been a member of buildingSMART for over 10 years.

The customer base of dRofus includes public and private building owners, designers, engineers, and contractors. The software has established a dominant position in the construction of healthcare facilities, airports, and public & institutional buildings. We have an expanding portfolio of project types including, but not limited to, professional stadiums, high-speed rail systems, high rises, power plants, defense, correctional facilities and high schools.

dRofus is a planning and data management tool for the global building industry. For more information, visit http://www.drofus.no/en.

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