Discovering Different Types of Construction

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Construction is a procedure that involves creating buildings or assembling infrastructures. It requires higher level of supervision and effective planning to handle tasks that result in the successful execution of projects. Construction can be divided into three different areas: building, heavy/civil, and industrial. Each of these areas requires a team to plan, design, and construct the project. AutoCAD 2012 helps in designing the planned requirements in a defined space without constructing them in the physical or real form. Firstly, the entire requirements for the project are decided and then the designers work on these requirements to design the project in AutoCAD 2012.

Building Construction

Building construction is an area of construction where small or big structures are added to the existing real properties. Generally, the building construction projects are small renovations, such as adding a room or refurbishing a bathroom. The owner of a property handles the laborers as well as manages the cost of the entire project. In other words, the owner is responsible for managing economic limits, designing plans, estimating cost, and handling legal deliberations. Moreover, the owners categorized for public or private constructions uses various delivery methodologies, such as hard bod, construction management, construction management at risk, and negotiated price, can do building constructions.  Materials, such as timber, stone, and brick, are widely used in building constructions. Cost of construction is estimated on per square foot basis. This can vary significantly on local sites considering their conditions and economies of scales.

Heavy/Civil Construction

Heavy/civil construction involves creating high-end infrastructures that deal with the environment and building parameters. To construct heavy/civil structures, the private agencies or companies need to get the legal permit for the construction. In addition, they must have the specialization over the required materials and the procedure to construct the heavy structures. Moreover, the selection of materials, such as brick, stone, and timber, available in the construction sites must be supervised by the experts. Heavy/civil construction also considers the cost of construction on the basis of per square meter or per square foot. These cost specifications are based on different conditions, such as location of site, local regulations, economies of scale, and the availability of skilled civil engineers.

Industrial Construction

Apart from having a smaller part in the area of construction, industrial construction plays an important role in constructing structures. The owners of industrial projects are usually large, for-profit, industrial corporations. You can organize these industrial corporations as infrastructure, metallurgical and material handling, medicine, petroleum, chemical, power generation, and manufacturing. The requirements related to the industrial construction highly considered from the expertise in planning,cost estimating, design, and constructing methodologies. You also need a team of individuals like any other construction areas, to ensure a successful project undertaken by big construction companies.

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