DesignSense Opens New R&D Innovation Center in Bengaluru, India

DesignSense Opens New R&D Innovation Center  in Bengaluru, India
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January 21, 2016 marked a momentous day for DesignSense Software Technologies. DesignsSense opened a new facility, our R&D and Innovation Center in Bengaluru.

Located in Jayanagar, the second office and ideation hub is a 4200 sq.ft work-space that will house the brightest software minds.  Designed with scalability in mind, this space can house 40+ people.

Traditional Indian-style inauguration of the new office premises

Traditional Indian-style inauguration of the new office premises

DesignSense is a software products company and our DNA is to build solutions with software products. At the same time, we are a sales organization also, being the distributor for BricsCAD3D Quick Tools,Transoft products and a host of other CAD & CAM technology solutions in India. The R&D facility is where new ideas and software are going to emanate from, and this is going to be driven by user requirements and feedback that the sales and support teams generate.  The two processes are distinct and separate yet depend on each other to complete the delivery cycle, and fulfill our mission statement ”Make our customers successful by reducing the cost and complexity of design”.  These two work-spaces now create the right atmosphere for the teams to channelize their energies and frequencies to deliver the best output.

It was a team effort to reach here. The new office is just about a mile away from the existing (corporate) office and has been designed after taking inputs and suggestions from almost every team member who is going to work here. It takes several small steps of support, encouragement and hard resources to ensure fulfillment of such a dream. We would like to thank all the internal and external stake-holders of our company who have contributed significantly, to help us to reach here. We wish to place on record the support we have received from our clients, our employees, investors & bankers and our principals who have helped us immensely in reaching this milestone.

We have a great opportunity in front of us. We pledge to work together for the inclusive success and development of all the stake-holders and build DesignSense as a world-class technology solutions company.  

About DesignSense

DesignSense is a technology startup, operations starting in 2014, with the mission to make its customers successful, by reducing cost and complexity of Engineering. The founders bring together rich and varied skillsets spanning engineering software product design, simulation, PLM design and implementation, KBE, AEC and GIS-CAD.

DesignSense brings simple solutions and practices to its customers to help leverage full productivity out of any software or technology that they use.

DesignSense aims to create solutions for process issues that user never knew were hampering productivity. In other words, the routine and the mundane followed by majority of users today is taken for granted as normal-way-of-working. DesignSense products and solutions can uncover such bottlenecks in your design process and deliver quantifiable productivity gains.

Today, the life-cycle and application of design data extends much beyond CAD software. DesignSense products and services bring together the CAD software, mobile platforms and web services, enabled by cloud, to provide a complete productivity and access to all stake-holders.

Our solutions are platform agnostic. We deliver CAD platform solutions on Windows, Linux and Mac and mobile platform solutions on iOS and Android.

DesignSense Software Technologies brings together diverse and complementary skills to help stake-holders succeed in today’s multi-disciplinary industry segments.

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