Dec 10, 2013: Alphacam 2014 R1 Released

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Dec 10, 2013: The latest release of the Alphacam CAD/CAM
software suite incorporates a range of new and enhanced functionality,
including aspects relating to solid tools, multi-processing and CAD to CAM.

Amongst the
updates in Alphacam 2014 R1:

created on: 12/10/13

Solid Tools

tools can now be defined from solids which are displayed during solid
simulation and the lathe module now supports turrets, including revolver and
platen type configurations. This gives the added benefit of enhanced graphical
simulation; and improved collision detection within lathe, which is especially
useful when using multiple spindles and turrets.


Alphacam is
now making full use of multi-core hardware technology. Multi-processing allows
users to calculate multiple toolpaths at the same time. This eliminates the
need for the user to wait for one process to finish before starting the next, dramatically
reducing part processing time. 

Improved CAD
to CAM

nested based automation tool, CAD to CAM, now supports the processing of solid
models. Using style layer processing within CAD to CAM these models have their
own geometry features recognised before automated machining and nesting. This enables
the benefit of solids nesting, while reducing screen-to-machine time. 

SpaceClaim CAD

Native ‘scdoc’
files from SpaceClaim can now be read directly into Alphacam including support
for assemblies and individual part colours. This enhancement increases the
speed of transferring parts from CAD to CAM, while eliminating the need for CAD
format conversions, which could lead to data translation errors.

Improved DWG/DXF
CAD Inputs  

Alphacam 2014
R1 can now import Autocad 2014 DWG/DXF files while maintaining their layer
display visibility. 

Improved Cut
Spline or Polyline

Cut Spline
or Polyline now supports multiple depth and bi-directional cuts. These cuts can
be either along or perpendicular to the tool, and saved as part of a machining
style. This increases the speed of toolpath generation, while improving surface
finish and increasing tool life.






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