Cycloid System’s CSM1 3D Printer – Made in India!

Cycloid System’s CSM1 3D Printer – Made in India!

3D printing industry in India has really picked-up in last two years for making prototypes and making of mainstream products. All major players across world have their offices and value added re-sellers in India now.

The companies are using 3D printing technology for making prototypes for automobile parts, engine parts, mobile covers, jewellery, toys etc, as well as used by Architects for making building models. One can see lot of companies in 3D printing space, but may not be aware that there are few Indian companies manufacturing 3D printers as well. Few days back I was very surprised to see one Indian manufacturer of 3D printers showcasing his product during COMSOL Annual Conference in Bangalore.

It was great pleasure to meet Mr. Viral Sachde CEO Cycloid System, Bangalore; I couldn’t resist asking Viral a few questions about his company and his vision. Here is an interview. 

created on: 01/23/14

Viral, please tell us about your
company, brief history, when did it started, how many employees, and branches
in India?

Sure, Cycloid
System is Bangalore based private company primarily engaged in manufacturing
desktop 3D Printers. Founded in May 2012, Cycloid System has a small team of 6
likeminded engineers with varied background such as Instrumentation and
Control, Electronics, Mechanical, Mechatronics and Computer engineering. At
present, we do not have any branch elsewhere in India. But, we do sale our
machines across India through our Bangalore, KA office.

created on: 01/23/14

System also runs (Custom Components for Large
Community) by which provides online affordable 3D Printing service to customers

Innovation could be a
risky business for entrepreneurs in India. What inspired you to start a 3D
printer business?

Personally, I was very impressed and inspired with the 3D printing technology.
It’s awesome to see the physical object developed out of 3D model on computer.
Having past experience in electronics industry helped me start “Cycloid System”
in 2012.

3D printing is technology for future, so it involves less risk. At the
end of the day creators want to create unique stuff and consumers are looking
for unique things. Our printers have
low operating cost and are also very affordable. This
technology is an upcoming technology in India and is being used by the research
team in Manufacturing, Architecture, Education, Geographic Information system
and healthcare so; we are getting good market response for our product.

How is 3D printing market in India?

In India the demand for 3D printing is catching up
and gradually being accepted in the industry. Currently the demand is witnessed
from the industries like toys, footwear, medical, jewelry, automobile,
aerospace, etc. Additive Manufacturing (AM) is an excellent tool for design
validation and product refinement. Therefore it serves as a good companion to
CAD software, which is used extensively in India. Also, AM is being used
increasingly for jewelry design & production and for the prototyping of
automobile, aerospace and marine parts. 

What are various products offered by
Cycloid Systems?

created on: 01/23/14

offers CSM1 desktop 3D Printer. CSM1 was designed from scratch by Cycloid
engineers keeping in the mind Indian consumers.  It is around 12 KG machine with printing
envelope of 220 x 170 x 130 mm. Supports PLA and ABS Materials of various
colors. The CSM1 supports Windows and Linux OS with .STL input format. They are
easy to use machines and we provide long term support to all our customers.

What are the benefits of using your

CSM1 is
rigid desktop 3D Printer with aluminum chassis, comes pre-assembled with
warranty, support and AMC option. CSM1 utilize very less power.  We provide operating training to our
customers and provide on-time support to all their inquiries. The printer is
highly robust, reliable with excellent performance equivalent to its
counterparts worldwide. 

What type of technology is used and
what type of raw material is used?

CSM1 uses
FFF/FDM technology. We primary support PLA material. PLA is environment
friendly and requires less energy to print than ABS, it’s less toxic and has
better print quality.

If required,
we also provide support for other materials such as ABS, PVA, PETT, Nylon and

What type of products can be made
using cycloid printers?

created on: 01/23/14

The adoption of large, expensive 3D printers in India is slow. However, smaller, less expensive systems have been selling very well. We offer low cost systems; CSM1 considering the Indian consumers.

System’s CSM1 desktop 3D Printer are primary used in design houses, research
institutes and educational environment. Typical parts printed using our machine
are mechanical sub-assemblies, Electronics enclosure, Robotic and aero-modeling
parts, Education and Medical model parts for study purpose. Parts for visual
marketing of product are also printed in our 3D Printer.

created on: 01/23/14

What CAD file formats does it support
and what is the range of accuracy?

We support
STL file format, STL is available with all leading CAD packages. Approximately
accuracy of 100 micron can be achieved using our 3D Printer.

What is the price range of your

Printer starts at 95,000/- and price goes up as per the customer requirements.

What are your future plans?

Things are changing rapidly and the technology in this 3D printing space is rapidly evolving, so watch this space – our goal is to offer better material and methodology in 3D printer and 3D printing services to our users.

Anything that you would like to say
to DailyCADCAM’s users? 

created on: 01/23/14

Sure, use 3D
printing technology to see your ideas in real and touch and feel your
innovation. We are undergoing constant research and development and it is
estimated that in near future would offer you better products to be able to
design any object, accessory according to your requirements.

created on: 01/23/14

Do visit our site cycloid System: to know
more about our products

And visit for the
3D printing services provided by Cycloid System. 

Visit our office for the Live demo.

Office Address:

Cycloid System,
C/O: eHealth TBI, 3rd Flr, 

Pixel – A, Inside PESSE,

Nr NICE & Hosur Rd Jn,

Bangalore –560 100, India 



skype: viral_sachde
gtalk: viralsachde
Phone: +91 80 67169601




Connect Mr. Viral Sachde: FB:

I would like to thank Viral Sachde for
taking the discussion with me. If you have any questions for Viral, please
leave a comment below and we will be glad to answer. Best wishes to Cycloid


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