Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D Beta 2 RC 1 Released

Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D Beta 2 RC 1 Released

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, Oct 4, 2018 – Corona is pleased to announce that the Release Candidate 1 for Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D, Beta 2 is out now!




The long-awaited Corona node material system has finally been implemented, but that’s not all – we also managed to implement other interesting features such as the scene converter and hair rendering support (Note: the Corona Hair Material can be used to control the look of the hair, but to use the frizz or curl parameters, the Cinema Hair Material must be used together with the Corona one – this will be improved in the first daily builds after the Beta 2 stable release).

We also did some rewriting of the internals, for example, to bring more stability to motion blur, and we removed the flipping of the Y and Z axis to make fixing bugs easier in the future.

What’s New

  1. Support for Cinema 4D R20 added
  2. Corona node material system has been implemented
  3. Scene converter (V-Ray and Cinema 4D/implicit and explicit) added
  4. Added a lot of new shaders (sharedtriplanarUVW randomizer, color correct, tonemap control)
  5. Skin material added
  6. Hair rendering now supported (hair object support + Corona Hair Material, and partial support for the Cinema hair material)
  7. Team render now supports denoising and noise and time limit
  8. Material previews are more responsive now
  9. New motion blur implementation (better support for simulations and much more stable)
  10. Added advanced camera/bokeh effects
  11. Corona context help dialog has been implemented (we are gradually adding links to specific articles for the individual UI elements)
  12. Processors without SSE4.1 are not supported anymore (this is a change to the Corona core, so the same has been true for 3ds Max for some time; this will only affect processors more than 10 years old)

And of course, there have been a great many bug fixes too.


If you want to get straight to the download, you will find the latest version at Download Beta 2 RC 1 from the Google Drive.

About Corona

Corona Renderer is a new high-performance (un)biased photorealistic renderer, available for Autodesk 3ds Max and as a standalone CLI application, and in development for Maxon Cinema 4D.

The development of Corona Renderer started back in 2009 as a solo student project of Ondřej Karlík at Czech Technical University in Prague. Corona has since evolved to a full-time commercial project, after Ondřej established a company together with the former CG artist Adam Hotový, and Jaroslav Křivánek, associate professor and researcher at Charles University in Prague. In August 2017, the company became part of Chaos Group, allowing for further expansion and growth.

Despite its young age, Corona Renderer has become a production-ready renderer capable of creating high-quality results. The latest version for 3ds Max is currently available for sale via our online shop.

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