CoroMill QD Groove Milling Concept from Sandvik Features Internal Coolant

CoroMill QD Groove Milling Concept from Sandvik Features Internal Coolant

The new CoroMill® QD groove milling concept from Sandvik Coromant features internal coolant and dedicated insert geometries for milling with high process security.

​The main challenge in groove milling is often chip evacuation. Chip issues often harm production efficiency, lower component quality or cause tool breakage, especially when machining narrow and deep grooves. Dedicated for groove milling and parting off operations, CoroMill QD takes care of chip issues with optimized geometries and the unique internal coolant solution. The chips are deformed by the insert geometry to a more narrow shape than the groove and then flushed out by the coolant. Combined with long and predictable tool life, this makes CoroMill QD a reliable solution for secure and trouble-free production processes.

Complementing the new cutters is a wide range of new adaptors. These adaptors enable use of CoroMill QD cutters regardless of whether the preferred machines are small- to medium-sized machining centres, large machining centres or multi-task machines. Silent Tools™ adaptors are available for long overhang machining.

The internal coolant is based on a four-channel delivery solution from the adaptors to the cutter. By implementing this solution on the new adaptors for CoroMill QD, coolant delivery into the groove is achieved.

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