Convert PDF to a BricsCAD or AutoCAD Drawing: Mainatain Visual Integrity

Convert PDF to a BricsCAD or AutoCAD Drawing: Mainatain Visual Integrity

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The engineering design community worldwide uses either the .DWG or the .PDF format for sharing their designs with fellow users and customers.

.DWG is the de facto standard for drawing data exchange in the engineering design community while the .PDF is the de facto standard for sharing documents in the publishing world.

In recent years, there have been a convergence of drawings and publishing documents and more and more design companies now share their designs in PDF format. This is made possible and convenient by adding support to vector drawing data like lines, arcs, polylines, layers, text (with all their font properties), colors, linetypes and so on.

The PDF file is often preferred by many who want to share drawings in portable A2 or A3 formats which are easy to print from a PDF viewer (as opposed to a .dwg which will require a CAD software). The PDF file is the most manageable format and also hides some of the design intent that you may not want to share.

It is therefore inevitable that PDF files, at some point require to be converted to DWG file for editing. The two nifty plugins featured in this post help you to do exactly that. The PDF2BricsCAD and PDF2AutoCAD plugins from Visual Integrity do exactly that, and as the name of the company suggests, the converted DWG maintains the same visual integrity as that of the PDF.

DesignSense software is the main distributor of BricsCAD in India and one of the frequently asked questions  from users is “Can I convert my PDF to a drawing?” The answer is yes – you can, but provided your PDF is a vector based PDF which has been exported from a software like AutoCAD, BricsCAD, SolidWorks or similar and not one that is created as a result of scanning  a drawing on a flat-bed scanner or using a camera.

If you want to try converting your PDFs to drawing, do check out the 30-day trial versions shown below:


Download PDFIn-For-AuitoCAD 2012+

Download PDFin-For-AutoCAD 2011 & Earlier

Download PDFIn-For-BricsCAD

If you are in India, do get in touch with us for any technical and commercial enquiry. You may not do PDF2DWG conversions every day, but when you need it urgently on that particular occasion, this tool more than recovers its modest price.

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